Tuesday, September 05, 2006

No posts for a while as I've been busy working on the first release for the label - I'll post the demo up in the next few days so that you can start to get excited about the properly mastered release in November - alongside that JD Twitch Optimo remix that is about to be done. They came from the stars, I saw them supported Magnetophone on Sunday night and played an amazing set - and Sculpture who supported fried my brain also....if you get the chance check him out.

Here's a cover of Pink Floyd's Vegetable Man which was on the b-side to The Jesus & Mary Chains first ever 7" - its rather rare this, and Jim Reid has also been playing this out at his solo gigs recently.


And continuing the cover versions theme here's The Cramps covering Count Fives - Psychotic Reaction from their 'Smell the female' live LP. The originals great, and this is great too. Gotta love The Cramps.


I also now have a soundcard and audio setup that works! So expect a few rare vinyl bits and pieces over the coming weeks, plus some exclusives from They came from the stars, I saw them...

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