Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Dark Esquire - Situation Day 2 giveaway

The situation is real....

As mentioned yesterday we're giving away a Dark Esquire track every day this week to celebrate the fact that his debut single SITUATION is out this week.

So, today we have the Invisible Hammer Remix of Situation.

Beats and pieces. Downtempo drums. Melancholic keyboards and guitar lines. Wandering souls. Skyward glances. Overcoats and grey skies. DJ Shadow casting a cursory nod from across the street.

Funny how people have been remixing this and making it darker. More moody. More melancholic.

320kps for maximum listening pleasure. Up for 7 days / 100 downloads.

Tomorrow, another Dark Esquire mp3. Stay tuned.

Buy the 12" here:

Download up on Beatport soon.....

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