Saturday, February 13, 2010


This week the mighty Parallels release some of their synthetic italo disco hyper space machine music into the world.

Firstly, their debut single Ultralight has been retwisted and refocused and reversioned and remixed by three of Thisisnotanexit's finest: Detachments, The Dark Esquire and Club Silencio. Detachments take the track into a strange alien worldly warehouse rave soundtracked by a battle between Adonis and Martyn - techno vs. dubstep - No Way Back vs. Megadrive Generation - who will win. Totally dark and totally twisted. The Dark Esquire digs out his copy of The Human Leagues DARE and gives Martin Rushent a call.

"You know that track Don't You Want Me?"


"Well I've beaten it"

It's a future space disco 80s duet classic. Seriously. It makes me want to get my Soft Cell and Heaven 17 records out and shout "This ain't no fascist groove thing" out of the window.

Club Silencio gets on the fax to MK and goes all deep house vs. MK 1990 on Holly Dodson vocals. Deepness. As debuted on the last Diesel Show I did.

£2.99? Surely worth every penny.

If you are completely ruthless you can listen to Parallels debut album for free on Soundcloud right here:

And if you want to actually buy something of physical importance then you can copies of the Ultralight 12" are still available from the Thisisnotanexit webstore featuring 3x Parallels tracks including an early version of Ultralight that isn't on the album.

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