Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January is rather slow for music isn't it? There's hardly anything out thats worth buying at the moment - but things worth looking out for are Shit Robots new remix forthcoming on cool as f8ck Japanese label Mule Musiq. You can listen to a section of it on Shit Robots myspace. I've heard the full 12 minute version and it really rocks. It will no doubt feature on the mix I'm doing for Roy Danks Apocalypse Now radio show so watch out for that...

There are some interesting albums out in the Spring and all eyes are on LCD Soundsystems 2nd LP Sound Of Silver (which someone leaked). The first single North American Scum is out soon and comes backed with a Kris Menace Remix (and yep thats leaked too). The Kris Menace remix is how shall I put this not very DFA, its very hands in the air. Maybe the version I've heard isn't even the right remix but a fake track - I can't hear any of the original track in there!!

There's also !!! Myth Takes and tracks from this are leaking all over the net like wildfire - the track you want to hunt out is A New Name. Mindblowing.

They Came From The Stars I Saw Them are threatening to break up / stop making music / gigging etc so jump on their myspace and tell them not to. The single 'that might never be' The Unstoppable Kite is seriously good and now may be stuck in the vaults forevermore. Carl Craig likes it. Zonagamin likes it. Tim Goldsworthy likes it. Tim Sweeney likes it. Optimo like it. IT NEEDS TO BE RELEASED AND BE AT NUMBER 1 FOREVER (or at least a week). Go on, go and pester the band, I dare you.

Inland Empire is also out this year. The return of David Lynch. Its already tattooed on my brain. Watch the trailer and get excited here:

Hopefully this means the second Twin peaks season will finally get released on DVD as he was gonna finish it once Inland Empire was done.

Tomorrow i'll post up a remix from Maurice Fulton that hasn't been getting enough exposure. And maybe next week my own re-edit of The Stooges - I Want To Be Your Dog as inspired by Optimo.

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