Tuesday, January 23, 2007

There I was bemoaning the lack of good music in January and then suddenly a load of good stuff appears worth spending your hard earned money on.

First up is Kotey Extra Bands (featuring Chas Jankel) cover of Giorgio Moroders 'Sooner or Later' which is an incredible piano disco track on Bear Funk and featuring Chicken Lips remixes on the b-side. Its all about the a-side for me.

Also worth tracking down is the Quiet Village remix of Gorillaz 'Kids With Guns' - starts off sounding like Burundi Black and then turning into a slow techno epic this is an immense track! Shame it never saw the light of day but what looks like bootleg white labels of this are floating around. Seriously good.

Also out this week is the double header from Booji Boy High on DFA/EMI on limited 7" and even more limited promo 12". Devo references - check. Hot Chip-esque vocals - check. Crazy off kilter production - check. If this isn't Hot Chip in disguise i'll eat my hat but DFA/EMI are not telling anyone! Ha! Have a listen for yourselves.

LCD Soundsystem are also back with North American Scum which is in some specialist shops on nice promo 12" - otherwise its out in February if your search reaps no rewards.

And I've just got a nice Flying Rhythms remix cd in the post - ah life is good.

Over and out.

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