Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I love Japanese disco music - and none more so than anything Luger E-Go (aka Kenji Takimi head of Crue-l Records) has anything to do with. The issue with Crue-l is that the releases are so dam hard to get hold of and they are usually in real short supply too. Like this which came with Prins Thomas Remixes! I mean £75!! Come on! I actually got a copy when it came out but still that seems alot of money for the 12"!!
Juno (big hugs) normally get a few Crue-l's in stock before they sell out in an instant - plus Jetset in Japan are amazingly quick if you miss out at Juno. The releases are rather expensive at £10.99 a copy but there you go - thats life. They'll be worth £75 in a years time so think about that. Anyways this is the new Crue-l and it's got a Luger E-Go Remix on it. You know its going to be good. Psychadelic japanese disco like only Kenji and EYE can.
You should all check out Lastrums recent releases too. Again, awesome out there Japanese disco and techno sounds.
Oh yeah and don't forget Mule Musiq either - they released a killer Todd Terje remix last week and a new one by Sasse out this week. Plus the next Betty Botox release will be on Mule - oooooooh. Apparently a re-edit of Love of Life Orchestra (as featured on the James Murphy Fabric Mix) plus some other stuff that I either can't tell you about (or simply don't know) you decide.
I also bought a copy of Trybe - Psychadelic Shack from a charity shop for a couple of quid at the weekend - BARGAIN! And I've heard some of the new Low Motion Disco album thats coming out next year on Eskimo and its shaping up to be killer. There's a Soft Rocks Remix of a track called LOVE LOVE LOVE which is amazing.

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