Friday, November 02, 2007

Single of the week

Quite a few interesting bits and pieces are out this week worthy of a look and listen - the new Smith N Hack 12", a new Mindless Boogie with edits from In Flagranti, two new Dissident 12s (the one by Cage & Aviary particularly of note) plus two yes TWO new DFA releases - Holy Ghosts Hold On (a contender for 12 of the year for sure) and Shit Robots 'bells' tune Chasm featuring the absolutely immense Lonely Planet on the flip.

Single of the week though I'm going to devote to the new BVDub 12 on Styrax though as it won't get half the column inches of the above records but is wholly deserving of your attention. I don't know too much about BVDub but this is a killer release - if you're into Basic Channel or Deepchord then purchase immediately! Both tracks are deep melancholic minimal pieces of techno that are absolutely incredible - the kind of stuff that sounds the best at 1am when you're on the bus home and its dark outside and miserable and its a lonely winter ahead. File next to Burial too actually. Music you can get completely lost in. The 12s so good I went and bought everything else he's done from Beatport. Immense release. Not a dancefloor destroyer but one for the heart and soul.

In Thisisnotanexit related news I can also announce that the Professor Genius release scheduled for next year is shaping up to be a killer as we've got Brennan Green remixing one of the tracks. Not out for ages but I'm hugely excited about this one.

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