Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Musical excitement of the highest order today. Sometimes you have days where a tune or record just totally get you to go "f8ck me thats special" - but the best days are when you get a few of them altogether at once!!

The first track up for discussion is Babytalk - Keep On Move from Stickydisc. Its their debut release and with the DFA links you know its gonna be good. This though is f8cking mind meltingly good. Analogue squelch bass, beautiful synth washes, and a phased in and out male vocal...this is hot...when you get 5 1/2 minutes in and the synths are screaming you just don't want it to end. So hot Mr. Jim Murphy put it on his new Fabric mix. Its now available on black plastic so go out and grab one - its sh8t hot (sorry for swearing Mum). Link here to buy and at $14 its a bargain for us Brits. They've set the bar high with the first release - I await their second with intrigue.

Second up is from the big bulk of Dissident releases last week. I bought them all because I'm a bit weird like that (still can't get my head round the drum machine one mind). Anyway the pick of the bunch is the Cage & Aviary - Television Train. WOoooooaaaahhhh this is good. Halfway through a guitar line that comes in and just makes me play air guitar. In a good way. And not when I'm at work I hasten to add. Anyways there's only 200 of these so get your skates on! So good it got played at Optimo FACT! And I'll definitely be playing this out on Friday night. It is £9 but its seriously worth it. Support the independents releasing stuff like this I say - the majors can go f8ck themselves. This is music.

Finally is a newie I've got on mp3 that I know very very little about. Its a new single by Nemesi entitled JURASSICO. Sounds interesting? Its got a remix on the flip entitled "Prins Thomas Miks Del 1 & 2). Now you're interested! The second track to get the "PT Miks Del 1 & 2" after Hatchback I was intrigued - especially as its 13:39 long. So I pressed play and sat back - WHHOOOOSSSSHHH! Its a krautrocking psychadelic shot to the head - wait until the screaming guitars come in between 8 and 12 minutes and then its really something! If I heard this in a club I'd be punching the ceiling and hugging people I've never met before its that good. No idea when its out. Not sure if I'll play it out this weekend. All I know is its absolutely amazing.

So 3x amazing tracks in a day. What more can you ask for?

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