Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanks to everyone who came down to the party on Friday night - everyone seemed to be having a great time - and thanks to JD Twitch for delivering the final set and rocking the place until closing.

I had quite a few people ask about some of the music I played so here's a rundown of everything I played:

Telstar Ponies - Voices From The New Music
Erik Wollo - Little Dream In Turquoise
Javier Navarette - Pans Labyrinth Lullaby
Art Of Noise - Robinson Crusoe
Spektrum - True Love Will Find You In The End
Bloc Party - Where Is Home (Burial Remix)
Eurythmics - This City Never Sleeps
David Lynch - Ghost Of Love
Chris & Cosey - Sweet Surprise
Chromatics - I'm On Fire
Buckingham Nicks - Frozen Love
Curtis Mayfield - Right On 4 Tha Darkness
John Miles - Stranger In The City
Glass Candy - Geto Boys
Public Enemy - Public Enemy No.1
Madonna - Burning Up (Fast Version) 33rpm + 8
John Cooper Clarke - Evidently Chickentown
Kruton - Horn, Trevor
Gino Latino - Welcome
Can - Oh Yeah
Sonic Youth - Pink Stream
The Smiths - How Soon Is Now
Cage & Aviary - Television Train
The Birthday Party - Sonnys Burning
Joy Divison - Transmission
Spacemen 3 - Revolution
New Order - Silent Face
Holy Ghost - Hold On (Loop)
Ian Dury - Trust Is The Must
Color Climax - Disque O' Heights
Debbie Jacobs - High On Love
Los Charlys Orchestra - Soulfoundation
Boris - Legato...

In other news I also recieved the Hatchback Remix of They Came From The Stars I Saw Thems - The Unstoppable Kite. Not sure when this is going to come out but its a beautiful 9 1/2 minutes of slo-mo disco. Next summer you'll be wanting to get blissed out to this.

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