Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just found this on the TAPE blog - a mix from Daniel Donnachie that features both sides of the latest Thisisnotanexit release - nice work Daniel, we salute you! There's plenty of other great stuff on this mix too so get to it and get downloading.

Daniel Donnachie - Cosmic Dancing #41

Lovefingers - Astroturf // RVNG
Studio - East Side (Version) // Chinatown
Lovefingers - Bermuda // RVNG
Beard Science - Ark Raiders (T.Tauri Edit) // Beard Science
Simone Ferdi - Belzebu Tales // CD-R
They Came From The Stars: I Saw Them - Signals (Emperor Machine Dub) // This Is Not An Exit
Nick Chacona - Eagle City // Internasjonal
Beard Science - Hold Me Longer (Jininchi Rework) // Beard Science
Brennan Green - Escape From Chinatown // Chinatown
Nick Chacona - Mariachi // Internasjonal
Les Edits Du Golem - Klout // Golem
They Came From The Stars: I Saw Them - Signals (Album Version) // This Is Not An Exit


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