Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Picked up the latest FACT Magazine whilst I was in Phonica last night (picked up the new Full Pupp release from Ytre Rymden Dansskola and the Beard Science edits release - also popped into Sounds Of The Universe and picked up the Quiet Village - Fragments Of Fear II Cd and the latest Dissident 12" which is an Invisible Scum Remix of Binary Chaffinch's earlier release False Energy. They had another new Dissident 12 called Colombia #1 by Colombia #1 but it was a bit intense for my ears - plus I should be Christmas shopping not buying records, anyway I digress....). So, the new FACT Magazine - notable for three reasons:

1. FACT Magazine voted Hatchback - White Diamond (Thisisnotanexit 003) a mighty 9th best 12" of the year!

2. Phonica Records in their top 10 releases of the year had Hatchback at a mighty 7th!!

3. Kiran Sande in his Contemporary Fix column mentioned how the Prins Thomas Remix of Hatchback was of particular note this year.

Hopefully we'll see the release featured in more end of year polls - and fingers crossed 2008 is even better than this year for the label.

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