Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Christmas one and all!

No posts for a while as I've been so dam busy. But hey ho here's some news.

Firstly, the first release on Thisisnotanexit Records is now available from your local independent record store on 12" and cd. Go and buy it! And if they haven't got a copy tell us as record shops are useless at keeping track of us independent record labels.

Its also available via the digital world and can be found on itunes (along with older They Came From The Stars I Saw Them releases). If you don't fancy lining Mr. Apples pockets then you can suport the digital independents Rough Trade Digital and Juno Download. Get to it you won't be disappointed! Don't believe me? Well Jame Murphy likes it, Optimo like it, Tim Sweeney likes it, Prins Thomas likes it, Jon Galkin likes it, Steve Lamacq likes it, John Kennedy likes it.......what else do you need to know.

Watch the official site for a new mix i'm putting together - downtempo weird stuff and weird disco - and also keep your ears peeled in New York as I'm doing a guest mix for My Cousin Roys Apocalypse Wow show on East Village Radio. Should be sometime in the new year so watch out for that.

I'm also in the process of starting a regular monthly Sunday night event with Need No Water Records to showcase new music we like and bands on our labels. More news when it all gets sorted (it'll be in East London is all I can tell you).

The next few releases on the label are pencilled for March / April time - once I have the remixes back I'l have a better idea of timings but there will probably be 3x releases before the summer...keep 'em peeled.

Thats all for the moment - watch out for the new Chemical Brothers track Electronic Battle Weapon #8 as its blowing up dancefloors at the moment, the new Whatever , We Want edits 12", My Cousin Roys Bobby's Back on Wurst Edits is worth shelling out for, Carl Criags remix of The Brazilian Girls should be out soon, Villalobos remix of Depeche Mode finally sees the light of day this week on vinyl, James Holdens LUMP makes my insides wobble, LSB Origial Highway Delight is disco of the highest order, NAUM (aka Johnny Wilkes from Optimo) has remixed Snow Patrol (???????????) and the new LPs by LCD Soundsystem and Joakim are stonking. I've also heard that Shit Robot has done a remix of a track by Kaos, judging by the stuff he did this year I cannot wait to hear it. Oh and Grindermans No Pussy Blues is mind blowing - Nick Cave back on the highest form.

Enough rambling, merry christmas all xxx