Friday, March 20, 2009

The Essential Purchase Week 11

The Essential Purchase Week 11
Prins Thomas - Mammut (Full Pupp)
The new Prins Thomas production touched down this week which has apparently been a year in production. It features a track called Mammut which has been compared to Thisisnotanexits very own White Diamond by Hatchback. It also features a cover of a Villalobos track called Fitzpatrick. Finally it features a track called Remiksosaurus. Sounds like a brilliant title! Have a listen to Mammu below on this groovy little music player and make your own mind up.

I will be foregoing Prins Thomas' latest work for the latest 2 x releases from Crue-l (a rather fantastic Japanese label that are desperately hard to get hold of in the uk!). Anyways this week they have released two tracks on a new offshoot called Crue-l Rouse.

The first is from Stoned Green Apples and is called Sugar k / Peter Pan. Sugar K comes remixed by Yura Yura Teikoku in vocal and instrumental forms fresh from their blink and you miss it 200 copies only DFA release. Peter Pan comes with remixes from the man that is Luger E-Go who is one of my favourite remixers from the past few years - everything he remixes is pure gold. His remix of Fran-key a few years ago is absolute dynamite!

I've also broken my rule of 1 record a week and bought the other Crue-l Rouse release - the other being from Discosession featuring Rie Lambdoll called TV Scene. This comes with an original mix, a Soft Rocks Remix and a Celestial Forest Mix.

Both are available via Jetset Records in Japan and they have less than 20 copies for overseas buyers. GET TO IT!

For those that don't live in Scotland Mr JD Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes took over Radio 1 Scotland this week for 2 hours playing a veritable treasure trove of exciting music as only they do. You can thanks to the power of the internet download and listen to the show via these mediafire links. Who do you love?

Tracklisting to the show:

Aidan Moffat & The Best Ofs – ‘I Got You Babe’ (Chemikal Underground)

Hudson Mohawke – ‘OOOps Oh My’ (Wireblock)

Correcto - 'Downs' (Domino)

Album Of The Month

1990’s - 'Balthazar' (Rough Trade)

Live In Session

Big Ned - 'Final Steps’ (Live Session Track)

Big Ned - 'Ambition' (Live Session Track)

Slam -‘Hot Knives’ (Paragraph)

Ming Ming And The Ching Chings – ‘Creepy Tales’ (White Label)

Magic Daddy – ‘Tastes Pretty Good' (White Label)

The Niallist Feat Ms Mac D – ‘I Came’ (Little Rock)

Foxface – ‘Last Waltz’ (Gargleblast)

Gummy Stumps - 'High Tower' (White Label)

Fingerprintz - 'Wet Job' (Virgin)

Dolksabeat – ‘Zodiac Rising’ (Optimo Music)

Jacob Yates And The Pearly Gate Lockpickers - 'Merry Hell' (White Label)

Live In Session

Big Ned – ‘Love, Honour & Obey' (Live Session Track)

Big Ned – ‘Sugar Daddy’ (Live Session Track)

Naum Gabo - 'Black Lab' (Dissident)

Tattie Toes - 'Shanty' (White Label)

Divorce – 'Scissor' (Optimo Music)

Den Haan - 'Release The Beast' (Optimo Music)

Rustie - 'Zigzag' (White Label)

The Phantom Band - 'Island' (Chemikal Underground)

Dananananaykroyd - 'Black Wax' (Best Before)

The Lady Vanishes - 'Sleep Walk' (White Label)

In other news Detachments are playing Dublin Castle this Wednesday 25th March. Email us for guestlist / cheap entry. More info here:

Detachments onstage at 9pm.

And for those that live in London Mr. Horton Jupiter from They Came From The Stars I Saw Them is DJing at Gold Bar in Stoke Newington this evening. Get on down.

Enjoy the sunshine people.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Noise Of Art

They Came From The Stars I Saw Them are playing this marvellous festival. Check it.

Noise of Art
Spring Festival Weekend
17, 18, 19 April

Following the first announcement of this year’s Noise of Art activities during the Ether Festival at the Southbank on Sunday 19th April, we can now announce two more nights of Noise of Art collaborations. In the build up to the main event, NoA team up with They Came From the Stars I saw Them, two awesome Italian outfits, the Hell Yeah! and Kinky Afro crews, Slipped Disco and London Loves for two new parties not to be missed.

Noise of Art Vs Slipped Disco: Italo Sessions Part One
Friday 17 April
Bar Music Hall, 134-136 Curtain road EC2A.

Blatta and Inesha (Hell Yeah)
Marco Gallerani (Hell Yeah)
Ben Osborne (Noise o f Art)
Plus visuals and art

Part one of Noise of Art’s weekend of Italian Stallions sees the awesome Hell Yeah! Records bring their leading lights over along with some seriously messed up basslines. Already heroes at home, Blatta and Inesha are threatening to follow in Crookers footsteps. Look out Paris, the Italians are coming. Blatta and Inesha are joined by fellow Italian and Hell Yeah! head honcho and Italo rave master Marco Gallerani. Meanwhile home grown psychedelic indie dance kids They Came From the Stars I Saw Them will be adding their stunning live performance to the proceedings and whipping the dancefloor into a stage diving froth pit. No doubt they’ll be playing their fanstastic Moon Song single. In true Noise of Art style there’ll be splendid visuals and Noise of Art founder Ben Osborne (recently described by Time Out as “very ace”) will be keeping everybody dancing in eclectic Balearic style between the gaps.
Slipped Disco is on NME Radio on Sky 0184, Virgin Media 975, Freesat 727 and /shows7

Saturday 18 April
Noise o f Art vs London Loves: Italo Sessions Part Two
Bar Music Hall
134 Curtain Road, Shoreditch
Kinky Afro (Italy)
Ben Osborne (NME Radio)
DJ Garber

Plus visuals and art and more to be announced
Back again for round three London Loves returns to Bar Music Hall, this time as part of the Noise of Art Italian Stallion weekend.

About London Loves:
Brand new DJs, DJ's at the top of their game, and bands with a kick and a hell of a beat. Every 3rd Saturday of each month you will be taken through a musical tour of what is loved by East Londons party goers. Expect the best in electro, beats, dubstep, mash up and a large amount of parteeeee with a fantastic atmosphere.

19 APRIL 2009
£16 6pm -midnight
THE JUAN MACLEAN (DFA) / DJ T (Get Physical) / CHATEAU FLIGHT (Versatile) perform their soundtrack to Les Vampires LIVE / THOMAS SCHUMACHER (Get Physical) / LES HOMMES DU TRAIN (Totolo) / SEVERINO (Horse Meat Disco) / BEN OSBORNE (Noise of Art/NME Radio) / DJ SONNY (Mighty Rumble)


And from the Faroe Isles the UK debut performances of ORCA and BUDAM

Tickets on sale. More acts and dates to be announced.

Following last July's sell out week of events, the NOISE OF ART returns to turn the Southbank centre into a disco dancing space ship - as Ether sees the debut of Noise of Art's latest project, DEEP SPACE DISCO, a music and art clubbing event. Noise of Art will launch Deep Space Disco at the Ether Festival on Sunday 19 April. Featuring an international line-up of Musicians, DJs, performance artists and visuals teams, amongst those crafting cosmic grooves to re-edited Soviet-era space films and fantastically costumed performers, will be top New York DFA act The Juan Maclean. The night will also feature the UK debut of DJ T (founder of Berlin's ultra cool Get Physical Music) and Thomas Schumacher's new collaboration project. In another first, new Faroe Islands discovery, Orca, will play live. Further debuts are to be announced.
The event will include visual artists manipulating Soviet era space films from the 1960s, set to space disco grooves by an International line-up, featuring: DJ T vs THOMAS SCHUMACHER (Get Physical, Berlin) doing their first UK show as a duo; THE JUAN MACLEAN (New York, DFA) performing their London debut as a full live band; plus the widely tipped LES HOMMES DU TRAIN (Totolo, Paris), DJ sets from Ben Osborne (Noise of Art founder) and DJ Sonny (Mighty Rumble, Singapore) and performance art by the IMMACULATE EXTREMISTS', art by OVERLAP, FUNKCUTTER, PUNKVERT, PRICKIMAGE and more to be announced.

CHATEAU FLIGHT, the electronic duo made up of seminal Parisian producers and DJs I:Cube and Gilb’r, will perform their soundtrack to Les Vampires LIVE in the QEH.
The night also sees the UK debut show of ORCA and BUDAM, two of the leading lights of the music revolution emanating from the Faroe Isles - both soon to be the subject of a feature in Observer Music Magazine.

Orca have taken the Noise of Art principle to a logical conclusion by creating their own instruments from disused farm machinery. Their music is a powerful, abstract electronica that escapes easy comparisons. Budam combines song writing with story-telling and performance in ways that transform and merge different artistic and musical traditions. Almost out of nowhere, a new musical scene has sprung upon us, with Faroe islands bands being snapped up by labels like Sunday Best etc. They have just finished working with Yann Tiersen (composer of music for Amelie) and are looking like they will do for the Faroes what Bjork’s generation did for Iceland.
Noise of Art will be using film from 1911 and rarely seen footage of early soviet space training. This is part of an ongoing project that is unearthing unknown gems from the BFI’s National Archive and showing films that would otherwise be collecting dust to a new audience.

More acts are to be announced soon, but please snap up your tickets before they disappear from this earth...

Noise of Art celebrates the convergence of music and visual art brought about by the digital age and over the past three years has worked with established electronic musicians and artists as well as introduced new talent. Debut UK performances include bringing many of the Ed Banger roster from Paris to the UK as well as new artists such as Nathan Fake, while also debuting and commissioning new material from established acts such as Bomb The Bass, Booka Shade, MANDY, Coldcut, Lemon Jelly, Sebastian Tellier, Laurent Garnier and Chateau Flight.

During this time Noise of Art events have been held at such esteemed and diverse venues as Tate Britain, The Key, De La Warr Pavilion, the National Film Theatre, London, Bar Music Hall, The Social, Latitude Festival, Institute of Contemporary Art, Bongo club Edinburgh, Caves Edinburgh, Institute Francais, Komedia Brighton, 333, Glasgow College of Art and most recently in January this year the BFI Southbank with the first of its ‘Nite Versions’ series focussing on EA Dupont’s 1920 film of London club nightlife ‘Piccadilly’.

More acts are to be announced soon, but please snap up your tickets before they disappear from this earth...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

David Lynch

The Soul Detective from Think Tank on Vimeo.

Liquid Vega

Liquid Vega
I get sent alot of messages from bands / artists / djs / producers all with attachments, downloads, demos and other paraphanalia. Sometimes within this maelstrom of music there are gems. The majority of the time I wonder if the person or whoever has sent me the message knows what Thisisnotanexit Records actually releases (I mean I've had some really weird myspace pages sent to me that are seriously not what Thisisnotanexit is about. Tip for those wanting a deal - don't just send blanket emails and messages to all and sundry - have a look at what else they've released and see if your material would fit with the ethos). Anyways I was sent a friend request by Liquid Vega the other day - as always with resignation I clicked on the link - and lo and behold mighty streams of musical joy erupted through my headphones.
In an ideal world Thisisnotanexit would release some of this amazing music but we unfortunately have so much on our plates at the moment we can't fit it into our schedule. Maybe we'll get them to remix something for the label instead. Still, have a click on the link and have a listen to these four tracks of aural bliss.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Golden Filter!

The essential purchase returns!

Well after 4 weeks of manic work and sporadic little posts to keep you interested it is now time to herald the return of the essential purchase of the week column - the weekly look at what's been released and what I reckon you should spend your money on. Of course we like to particularly point you in the direction of those records that are rather limited, rather leftfield, rather exciting, rather independent and most of all just plain exciting.

Over the past few weeks there's been an absolute shedload of great music released that I've been making into a big list - so without further ado, in the words of the Chemical Brothers, let's go!

The Essential Purchase Weeks Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten bumper package of records...

G&S - Show Me The Good Times (Dissident) 12"

Newie from Dissident from G&S. No idea who this is but it's a typically slow burning Dissident gem. One for the dark sleazy dancefloors (the best ones).

DJ Maxximus - Neo (Shackleton Remix) MG77 Recordings 12"

Shackleton continues his descent into the darkness with clicks, switches and claustrophobia envelop you.

Geoim & Appleblim - Shreds (Berkane Sol) Clear vinyl 12"

This has been on my hitlist for a good while after hearing it on an Appleblim podcast. Beautiful dubstep with heart and soul (the best kind has that melancholy running right through it) plus this is pressed on clear vinyl in a nice plastic sleeve. Tasty. Sleep and you'll miss this. Worth it for Shreds alone.


Sonic Assassins - Show Up & Be Counted / Fumble In The Bungle / Robb (Flashback) 12"

Florence & The Machine - Dog Days (Optimo Remixes) 12"

Alexandra Parade - Barney's Bubbles (Autodiscotheque) 12"

Bloody hell I disappear for a few weeks and Optimo go mad and release not one, not two but THREE associated releases. The first two from Sonic Assassins and Alexandra Parade are both edits 12"s - the pick of which is the Throbbing Gristle edit on the Sonic Assassin 12" - seriously good. The Alexandra Parade 12" is one which contains two 80s party starters fresh from JD Twitch's big bag of edit goodness. And then you have the Florence & The Machine - she's quite hyped what with the NME falling over themselves for her and lumping her in with this whole girls and synths thing (bit bored of this to be honest - GWS (Girls With Synths) is as spurious as Britpop and NWONW if you ask me...) anyways I'm not massively familiar with Florence's original material so I had a quick look over on her myspace page - seems pleasant enough - the real deal is the Optimo Remixes that are on the limited edition 12" out this week. Apparently they were delivered late hence why they've got their own 12" but oh yes are they worth hearing. Florence should just get in the studio with Optimo based on this remix (available in vocal and dub versions). Big tune this.

COMBI - Keep A Burning / Stone Water (Combi) 12"

From Japan. Rather expensive at £9.99. Rub N Tug are apparently behind them (or at least they play them alot). Anyways this is Combi 003 and Combi 001 is now dead rare and goes for like £30-£40 so do the right thing....

CFCF - You Hear Colours (Acephale) 7"

Limited to 500. Great artwork. Great release. The sort of label that needs your support dammit.

Hardway Bros - Deutsche Trak / Acid Trak (Luna Flicks) 12"

Hardway Bros. kind of used to be Flash Faction (remember them?). Anyways they've had a couple of edits out recently and most recently of all stormed London Disco Institution Disco Bloodbath with a riotous set. They now set their stall out with some original material on the rather fantastique Luna Flicks label run by the man Pal from Mungolian Jetset. Quality! Anyways this 12" is a proper deep journey into acid house. A slow bpm and a bit of a chugger this is one for the discerning dancefloors. And anyway it sounds rather great in my living room in the mix. Get to it!

Mark Seven - Originals CD (Claremont 56) CD

Mark Seven is a bit of legend on DJ History and around the world as a bit of quality crate digger. Anyways for those of you that think you know you're stuff this cd is a quickfire way to acting like you've been unearthing gems your friends won't have heard. Serious.

Pangaea - Bear Witness (Hot Flush) 12"

Someone said a little while ago that this is the music Radiohead would make if Thom Yorke left and they made dubstep. Head to Bear Witness on his new 12" for a beautiful ode to those nights home on the night bus after the club has closed. File next to Burial.

Sigha - Bruised / Expansions (Hot Flush) 12"

I didn't know much about Sigha but a friend put me onto this release. Again mournful broken dubstep that sounds best after the ringing in your ears of the club soundsystem ends.

Jackpot - Ragazza / Uno Dos Tres (Runaway Remix) (Permanent Vacation) 12"

Uno Dos Tres last year was an absolutely MASSIVE tune sounding like 80's proto house with 90's acid analogue house. Proper raw. I played it at about every gig it was so good. Now a new tune RAGAZZA lands with a Runaway Remix on the flip of Uno Dos Tres. Very tasty. Ragazza is the one though. Jackpot are hopefully remixing Detachments later this year.

Shed - Another Wedged Chicken (Martyn Remix) (Ostgut Ton) 12"

I'm not a massive fan of Shed (apart from that remix he did of Luke Hess last year which just rocks like an absolute trooper. That bassline. Wiggle wiggle. Anyways Martyn - one of the most interesting talents out there at the moment and by god how much I cannot wait for his debut album - remixes Shed and turns it into an absolute speaker destroyer. Not one for a Sunday morning.

Myspace BONUS free music to listen to....

Finally, Thisisnotanexit Records now has it's own twitter page. Come follow.

Want to know what I bought? I had 4 things that I would allow myself. Feel free to guess. I'm not telling.

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Delphic - Counterpoint

I've been enjoying this little beauty from the tipped Delphic today.

And for those that have missed my musings on new releases, well, check back later today....

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Detachments Update

This Wednesday Detachments will be playing at The Hoxton Square Bar & Grill in London in support of The Lion Club. A bargain at only £3 for 4x bands and 3x djs.
The video for the bands new single THE FLOWERS THAT FELL is also now up on youtube for your viewing pleasure. The single will be out on 27th April on limited edition 7" and download. Hope you enjoy it.

Over and out.