Friday, March 13, 2009

The essential purchase returns!

Well after 4 weeks of manic work and sporadic little posts to keep you interested it is now time to herald the return of the essential purchase of the week column - the weekly look at what's been released and what I reckon you should spend your money on. Of course we like to particularly point you in the direction of those records that are rather limited, rather leftfield, rather exciting, rather independent and most of all just plain exciting.

Over the past few weeks there's been an absolute shedload of great music released that I've been making into a big list - so without further ado, in the words of the Chemical Brothers, let's go!

The Essential Purchase Weeks Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten bumper package of records...

G&S - Show Me The Good Times (Dissident) 12"

Newie from Dissident from G&S. No idea who this is but it's a typically slow burning Dissident gem. One for the dark sleazy dancefloors (the best ones).

DJ Maxximus - Neo (Shackleton Remix) MG77 Recordings 12"

Shackleton continues his descent into the darkness with clicks, switches and claustrophobia envelop you.

Geoim & Appleblim - Shreds (Berkane Sol) Clear vinyl 12"

This has been on my hitlist for a good while after hearing it on an Appleblim podcast. Beautiful dubstep with heart and soul (the best kind has that melancholy running right through it) plus this is pressed on clear vinyl in a nice plastic sleeve. Tasty. Sleep and you'll miss this. Worth it for Shreds alone.


Sonic Assassins - Show Up & Be Counted / Fumble In The Bungle / Robb (Flashback) 12"

Florence & The Machine - Dog Days (Optimo Remixes) 12"

Alexandra Parade - Barney's Bubbles (Autodiscotheque) 12"

Bloody hell I disappear for a few weeks and Optimo go mad and release not one, not two but THREE associated releases. The first two from Sonic Assassins and Alexandra Parade are both edits 12"s - the pick of which is the Throbbing Gristle edit on the Sonic Assassin 12" - seriously good. The Alexandra Parade 12" is one which contains two 80s party starters fresh from JD Twitch's big bag of edit goodness. And then you have the Florence & The Machine - she's quite hyped what with the NME falling over themselves for her and lumping her in with this whole girls and synths thing (bit bored of this to be honest - GWS (Girls With Synths) is as spurious as Britpop and NWONW if you ask me...) anyways I'm not massively familiar with Florence's original material so I had a quick look over on her myspace page - seems pleasant enough - the real deal is the Optimo Remixes that are on the limited edition 12" out this week. Apparently they were delivered late hence why they've got their own 12" but oh yes are they worth hearing. Florence should just get in the studio with Optimo based on this remix (available in vocal and dub versions). Big tune this.

COMBI - Keep A Burning / Stone Water (Combi) 12"

From Japan. Rather expensive at £9.99. Rub N Tug are apparently behind them (or at least they play them alot). Anyways this is Combi 003 and Combi 001 is now dead rare and goes for like £30-£40 so do the right thing....

CFCF - You Hear Colours (Acephale) 7"

Limited to 500. Great artwork. Great release. The sort of label that needs your support dammit.

Hardway Bros - Deutsche Trak / Acid Trak (Luna Flicks) 12"

Hardway Bros. kind of used to be Flash Faction (remember them?). Anyways they've had a couple of edits out recently and most recently of all stormed London Disco Institution Disco Bloodbath with a riotous set. They now set their stall out with some original material on the rather fantastique Luna Flicks label run by the man Pal from Mungolian Jetset. Quality! Anyways this 12" is a proper deep journey into acid house. A slow bpm and a bit of a chugger this is one for the discerning dancefloors. And anyway it sounds rather great in my living room in the mix. Get to it!

Mark Seven - Originals CD (Claremont 56) CD

Mark Seven is a bit of legend on DJ History and around the world as a bit of quality crate digger. Anyways for those of you that think you know you're stuff this cd is a quickfire way to acting like you've been unearthing gems your friends won't have heard. Serious.

Pangaea - Bear Witness (Hot Flush) 12"

Someone said a little while ago that this is the music Radiohead would make if Thom Yorke left and they made dubstep. Head to Bear Witness on his new 12" for a beautiful ode to those nights home on the night bus after the club has closed. File next to Burial.

Sigha - Bruised / Expansions (Hot Flush) 12"

I didn't know much about Sigha but a friend put me onto this release. Again mournful broken dubstep that sounds best after the ringing in your ears of the club soundsystem ends.

Jackpot - Ragazza / Uno Dos Tres (Runaway Remix) (Permanent Vacation) 12"

Uno Dos Tres last year was an absolutely MASSIVE tune sounding like 80's proto house with 90's acid analogue house. Proper raw. I played it at about every gig it was so good. Now a new tune RAGAZZA lands with a Runaway Remix on the flip of Uno Dos Tres. Very tasty. Ragazza is the one though. Jackpot are hopefully remixing Detachments later this year.

Shed - Another Wedged Chicken (Martyn Remix) (Ostgut Ton) 12"

I'm not a massive fan of Shed (apart from that remix he did of Luke Hess last year which just rocks like an absolute trooper. That bassline. Wiggle wiggle. Anyways Martyn - one of the most interesting talents out there at the moment and by god how much I cannot wait for his debut album - remixes Shed and turns it into an absolute speaker destroyer. Not one for a Sunday morning.

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Want to know what I bought? I had 4 things that I would allow myself. Feel free to guess. I'm not telling.

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