Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Liquid Vega

Liquid Vega
I get sent alot of messages from bands / artists / djs / producers all with attachments, downloads, demos and other paraphanalia. Sometimes within this maelstrom of music there are gems. The majority of the time I wonder if the person or whoever has sent me the message knows what Thisisnotanexit Records actually releases (I mean I've had some really weird myspace pages sent to me that are seriously not what Thisisnotanexit is about. Tip for those wanting a deal - don't just send blanket emails and messages to all and sundry - have a look at what else they've released and see if your material would fit with the ethos). Anyways I was sent a friend request by Liquid Vega the other day - as always with resignation I clicked on the link - and lo and behold mighty streams of musical joy erupted through my headphones.
In an ideal world Thisisnotanexit would release some of this amazing music but we unfortunately have so much on our plates at the moment we can't fit it into our schedule. Maybe we'll get them to remix something for the label instead. Still, have a click on the link and have a listen to these four tracks of aural bliss.

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