Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Bloody Valentine destroyed my ears last week. Volume terrorism of the highest order. It's the first time I've actually FELT music in this way. And I'm not talking about from an emotional perspective. My ribs were vibrating. My teeth HURT. I walked out after 20 minutes of You Made Me Realise VISCERAL WHITE NOISE had ended and couldn't hear anything for half an hour. People left after a few minutes of the noise but I stupidly stayed as had never experienced anything like it before. The people next to me had ear plugs. This is the future. Kevin Shields made Mogwai sound like they play Fisher Price instruments.
It was a good job my mate Apollo didn't come. He's got tiny ears and they'd have been properly damaged.
Now stop reading and go and buy the stars album!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The first ever album on Thisisnotanexit is released on Monday 23rd June. It will be available from HMV, Zavvi, your local record shop - but you can also order it online using these useful links below. Go on. It means we'll be able to bring you even more wonderful music in future!;-1;-1;-1&sku=810323

The summer slowdown has begun but there are a few interesting records hitting the racks - worth checking out is the new Der Rauber Und Der Prinz 12" on Amontillado, the new Mark E edit of Chic's Good Times on Internasjonal with a deep and twisted Quiet Village Remix...and the new one from Gavin Russoms new project Black Meteoric Star (but it isn't released yet) but still its one to get excited about!

For those who like their music deep, dark and twisted then this week the boys from Spectral Empire provided the soundtrack on Jonny Nash's 'Possible music show' on Thursday night. They played a few of their new productions forthcoming on Thisisnotanexit so worth a listen...

Next gig in your diary should be Friday 4th July - We Have Band, Detachments and They Came From The Stars I Saw Them (plus me) at the Notting Hill Arts Club. Tasty. Plus its free before 9pm.

Lacking inspiration today as its been a helluva fortnight - off to see My Bloody Valentine tonight - I expect to be spending the rest of the weekend DEAF but it'll be worth it....

Monday, June 02, 2008

Here's my chart of musical goodness for no particular order

1. Namlook - Subharmonic Atoms (Pepe Braddocks Bug Remix) (Macro)
2. Ghost Note - Holy Jungle (Golf Channel)
3. Mark E - Slave One (Running Back)
4. They Came From The Stars I Saw Them - Moon Song (Holy Ghost Remix) (TINAE)
5. Der Rauber Und Der Prinz - Der Elektrische Reiter (Amontillado)
6. The Dark Esquire - Lexicons (Detachments Remix) (TINAE)
7. Detachments - Fear No Fear (TINAE)
8. Peter Phonix - Drowning In Neverneverland (Verity)
9. Led Zepplin - Trampled Underfoot (John Daly Edit) (n/a)
10. The Style Council - Unknown (Club Silencio Edit) (n/a)
11. Brain Machine - Eternal Night (Musiccargo Remix) (TINAE)
12. Oblio - Escape (n/a)
13. Neu! - E Music (Brain)
14. Portishead - Machine Gun (Simon A. Carr Instrumental Edit) (n/a)
15. Invisible Conga People - Cable Dazed (IDIB)
16. Savage Republic - Next To Nothing (Fundamental)
17. Fjordfunk - Unknown (Lunaflicks 003)
18. Sabres Of Paradise - The Ballad Of Nicky Maguire (Warp)
19. Naum Gabo - Pictures (The Loving Hand Remix) (TINAE)
20. Four Tet - Ringer vs. Ricardo Villalobos - Enfants (Simon A. Carr Live Mix Edit) (n/a)