Friday, August 28, 2009

Spectral Empire DJ Mag Killers feature!

Night Plane Drug Sub Mix

A Friday treat for you all. Night Plane has obviously released his debut 12" this week so he has put together a 20 minute minimix. A perfect soundtrack to your Friday afternoon / bank holiday weekend.
Get stuck in.

No tracklist I'm afraid at the moment.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Parallels in Flare Magazine!

Thisisnotanexit Juno Listening Chart (August 2009)

Here's a link to 10 musical treats currently gracing the thisisnotanexit turntable.
my link to juno records
Buy records. It's good for your soul.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Essential Purchase Returns!

Two records you should buy this week. Both classics. Both on *ahem* Thisisnotanexit...

The first is the debut release from Night Plane and was said by Fact Magazine to sound "like Tangerine Dream meets Fleetwood Mac"! Fact liked the EP so much they asked for a track off the EP for their new track of the day feature. Check it out here:

Buy it here!

If you don't own a record player you can get it on mp3 and WAV exclusively at Beatport.

The second is the second release from Spectral Empire entitled 'Black Shark' has been getting huge support from everyone who hears it with Trevor Jackson giving the b-side KM 50 a big feature in his top 10 tracks of the moment! Wow.

And this great feature on headsdown ran today too.

Watch out for it featuring in DJ Mag's KILLERS section tomorrow - wow!

Buy it here!

If you don't own a record player you can get it on mp3 and WAV exclusively at Beatport.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Since the release of the Ultralight EP Parallels have become quite an in demand band. Current hype band Delphic have recently enlisted their remixing skills (as seen on their first remix outing for Thisisnotanexit remixing Detachments The Flowers That Fell into a pop disco masterpiece) for their new single 'This Momentary' out now on hipbloglabel Kitsune. The real killer hook on Parallels remixes is that vocalist Holly Dodson adds that extra little something. When she drifts into the mix at 3:49 that's when the remix really takes flight (similarly with the backing vocals on the Flowers That Fell Remix). Parallels are pretty busy at the moment finishing their debut album but they will soon also have a new track called FIND THE FIRE featured on the next Kitsune compilation out in September time. They are also remixing HEALTH's next single too so watch out for that. For now have a listen to their Delphic Remix. And if you like it buy a copy of the 12" or a decent mp3 of it.

Or pick up a copy of their Ultralight 12" or their remix of Detachments The Flowers That Fell here:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

They Came From The Stars I Saw Them - Rabbit Seal Monkey

They Came From The Stars I Saw Them's new single Rabbit Seal Monkey will be out in September featuring remixes from King Of Town, Tronik Youth, Hatchback and Emperor Machine. Quite a line up.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

How to mix

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Club Silencio release their first EP on Thisisnotanexit on September 28th. They've released a couple of other things recently and picked up support from James Murphy from DFA / LCD SS so they must be doing something right. You can get a sneak peak of one of the tracks on the EP (Objectif Venus - Fratelli Edit) on their myspace player. The EP will also feature a killer Sankt Goran Remix - seriously killer D-I-S-C-O.

They've also put together a glorious summer mix which you can download here:

1 - Blows against the empire - Sunrise
2 - blows against the empire - hijack
3 - Mahogany rush IV - Dragonfly
4 - Nektar - oh willy
5 - Good Rats - Phil Fleish
6 - Dorothy Ashby - Soul Vibrations
7 - S-Job Movement - Love Affair
8 - Mudd - Adventures in Bricket Wood # 2 (Prins Thomas Discomiks)
9 - Shrinkwrap - Illegal entry (Chiken lips heavy dub)
10 - Community Recordings - Mountain Nights (Organic soul mix)
11 - Mckendree Spring - Friends die easy

The suns out this weekend so download and stick it on.

Friday, August 14, 2009

TENSE - Sin Realite Video from Tommyboy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doyens of dark paranoid twitch inducing disco SPECTRAL EMPIRE return in a few weeks time with their latest offering to the dark gods. On bended knees they offer Black Shark - the follow up to their first situation INNERFEARENCE / THE MINOTAUR. Black Shark has it's own video which you should all have seen already - if not here it is from cult video maker Tommyboy.

In honour of this new release we have an exclusive mix for you from Spectral Empire. They didn't offer up any explanation or tracklist or anything. I don't think it even contains any Spectral Empire music. It's just what it is. 1 hour and 14 minutes of exceptional pickings from dusty vinyl emporiums from the past 50 years. I've asked them for a tracklist as there are some sublime moments on here but unfortunately they won't let Thisisnotanexit know what their secret pickings are. If anyone can identify more than 5 tracks in the mix and post them in the comments then we'll send you a Thisisnotanexit goody bag.

Black Shark is released on August 24th on 12" with a remix of Innerfearence from Chateau Flight and an exclusive track called KM-50 Spectral Assault Mix. The release has already been played by: Aeroplane, Trevor Jackson, Ewan Pearson, Danny Howells, Optimo, Mike Simonetti and Shit Robot. A sign of the releases quality if ever there was one.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Night Plane Chinese Shadows Promo Mix Tracklist:

fleetwood mac - world turning (night plane edit)
marianne faithful - broken english (baron von luxxury slow touch remix)
jackpost - ragazza
chicken lips - feast of freeks (steve kotey tape edit)
holger hiller - das feuer (pilooski edit)
the detachments - circles (night plane remix)
voyage - point zero
african suite - in the pocket
supermax - african blood
edwin birdsong - lollipop (kai alce edit)
azymuth - may I have this dance
cosmo vitelli - frydman
moolah - crystal waters

Night Plane Chinese Shadows Promo Mix

Night Plane's debut release CHINESE SHADOWS is released on Thisisnotanexit on August 17th on a tasty black 12" and new fangled digital download. It's got 3 tracks and sounds like balearic disco gone wrong. It's a situation of the highest order. Opiate disco (for the masses) if you will.

DFA are already chomping at the bit for Night Plane to give them a remix but we beat them to it - download the Night Plane Chinese Shadows Promo Mix to hear the exclusive Night Plane Remix of Detachments Circles which is coming out later in 2009.

If you want a COPY drop us an email and we'll sort you out. If we can cut out the middle men and collaborate together it's a better experience for all concerned.

Be realistic. Demand the impossible.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Detachments on Andrew Weatherall's 6 Mix

Saturday August 1st Andrew Weatherall gave his mixes of Detachments Heard A Lie a play on his show on BBC 6 Music. Listen again here - both mixes at 1:18 minutes. First up the 7" original mix and then his disco remix.
Tuck in. Not out until November.