Saturday, February 27, 2010


For those of you with kids. Or are just messy eaters. Get this bib that shows how much you love The Dark Esquire's SITUATION single.

Zak B loves the SITUATION so much he remixed it into a bass wobbling dancefloor anthem. Not sure if he's got a bib but he's sure got some skills.

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Dark Esquire - Situation (Zak B. Remix)

It reminds me of New Orders CONFUSION and I think Arthur Baker in New York in 1986 would have played this to Bernard and said "Bernie - the situation is real".

Last few 12" copies are available from here:

Danceteria 1-2-3!!

And for those that are LONDON based Detachments will be headlining The Legion this coming Thursday with support from Gyratory System and Hounds Of Hate. Here's the Facebook invite...

This will be the last London gig before their H.A.L. tour in April so be sure to pop down.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A fire is coming

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Off please. Thanks.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


This week the mighty Parallels release some of their synthetic italo disco hyper space machine music into the world.

Firstly, their debut single Ultralight has been retwisted and refocused and reversioned and remixed by three of Thisisnotanexit's finest: Detachments, The Dark Esquire and Club Silencio. Detachments take the track into a strange alien worldly warehouse rave soundtracked by a battle between Adonis and Martyn - techno vs. dubstep - No Way Back vs. Megadrive Generation - who will win. Totally dark and totally twisted. The Dark Esquire digs out his copy of The Human Leagues DARE and gives Martin Rushent a call.

"You know that track Don't You Want Me?"


"Well I've beaten it"

It's a future space disco 80s duet classic. Seriously. It makes me want to get my Soft Cell and Heaven 17 records out and shout "This ain't no fascist groove thing" out of the window.

Club Silencio gets on the fax to MK and goes all deep house vs. MK 1990 on Holly Dodson vocals. Deepness. As debuted on the last Diesel Show I did.

£2.99? Surely worth every penny.

If you are completely ruthless you can listen to Parallels debut album for free on Soundcloud right here:

And if you want to actually buy something of physical importance then you can copies of the Ultralight 12" are still available from the Thisisnotanexit webstore featuring 3x Parallels tracks including an early version of Ultralight that isn't on the album.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Detachments: Are you a fan?

Are you a fan of Detachments? You should be. You can pledge your allegiance via the below link which will take you to the bands fan page.

And then once you're a fan you should also ask all your friends to become fans. And get them to tell their friends to become fans. And then you will simply have to ask how deep is the rabbit hole?

In honour of all things Detachments they are playing at The Queen Of Hoxton on Thursday February 18th. We have a special cheap list so if you would like to attend for a cheap price then email us or leave a comment with your name.

You can also have a listen to their cover of New Order's The Perfect Kiss which they recorded for the Tony Wilson tribute album right here:

Lack of proper blogging recently which I apologise for. Coming up soon (I promise) will be posts on These New Puritans, Sudeten Creche, Minimal Wave and Moscow. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 08, 2010

BUSY TIMES: Thisisnotanexit Listening List

Busy times here at TINAE HQ so here's simply a list of music we've been listening to over the past week or so....

Crimea X - Untitled Album (unreleased cd-r)
Roll The Dice LP
Micron 63 - Untitled Album (unreleased cd-r)
Detachments album demos
Optimo Podcast #4
Xeno & Oaklander LP
The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One LP
The Lines - Floodbank CD
Sudeten Creche - A Kiss From The Creche CD
The Durutti Column - A Paean To Wilson CD
Brassica - Venom Season

Monday, February 01, 2010

Night Plane Soul Clap

Night Plane - Soul Clap Podcast Jan 2010
All tracks by Night Plane
Mixed by harry

1. blue I feel (when I'm feeling down)
2. cava scura
3. the american friend
4. icebreaker
5. str8 2 ur heart
6. all the colors of the dark
7. let the right one in
8. back for more
9. fisherman
10. enemy lands

Let The Right One In features on Thisisnotanexit Manifesto 1 available here:

NIght Plane's Chinese Shadows 12" is available here: