Sunday, July 29, 2007

The talk around town this weekend has been the mention of the Prins Thomas Discomiks of Hatchbacks White Diamond which was in Fridays Film & Music Section of The Guardian! Unbelievably it was featured in the weekly F&M playlist by Alexis Petridis - and for those that don't know he is a bit of a harsh critic and known for basically not liking, well, not alot really. Anyways here's what it said:

"Just when you despaired of ever hearing a 17 minute long Norwegian blissed out cosmic disco epic, remixer Prins Thomas takes on the debut single by Californian producer Hatchback with deliriously exciting results."

So there you go Thisisnotanexit Records releases are now being talked about in the national press. Never thought it'd happen with a 17 minute remix but there you go...!

Hatchbacks mate The Sorcerer also gives a mention to the White Diamond release in this weeks One Week To Live magazine so slowly but surely the White Diamond message is spreading.

I went record shopping and picked up the new record by OSBOURNE on Spectral - definitely worth checking out (plus there's a Luke Vibert remix on there too). I also grabbed the Al Usher release on Ewan Pearsons new label, the Padded Cell remix of Future Loop Foundation, the two new Clone releases - one featuring a Prins Thomas remix and the other being the new Bangkok Impact track Missionary On Mars - both absolutely killer tracks.

Weekend listening has been around sorting my record box for this Thursdays DJ Set at the Lock Tavern - but on the stereo has been some old DFA (Black Dice - Endless Happiness (EYE Remix) @ 33rpm!!!!!) plus the new Bo'tox track which has been licensed to DFA - BABYLON BY CAR (seriously good it is), Rubies - The Keys (Studio Remix), The Mute Audio Documents Box Set, Scotty Coats - Doublefisted (forthcoming on Rong), Stateless - Prism (Prince Language Dub Remix), the new King Kong Foo releases (which I'm gonna write about in more detail in the next few days as the next 2 releases are really REALLY good), Robag Wruhmes - My Gloomy Head (jazzy minimal balearic??!!!), the Monolake remix of Surgeon, and finally David Morales remix of Shabba Ranks - Mr. Loverman! SHABBA!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Well, I did tell you they were limited. There may be some tears from people over the next few days as the 50x Hatchback 12"s that were on sale at Phonica have SOLD OUT! Yes, in the space of 3 days they've all been snapped up. An additional 15x copies will be going into Phonica on Thursday - and I have the final 5x copies sat here. So, if you want one you best be quick!!!

Thisisnotanexit got a little mention in this months hip US Music Magazine Xlr8r - you can download it for free or I've included the feature below. Its illegible but you can just about make it out.... head over to here and download it eh?

Over and out - and remember the space rocket of future music leaves soon.

Monday, July 23, 2007

A quick one - but there are 100 very limited white label 12" promos of Hatchbacks White Diamond (featuring the Prins Thomas Discomiks) now available! How do I get one I hear you ask? Well, one of two ways:

1. From the rather marvellous Phonica record shop in London:

2. Or alternatively directly from Thisisnotanexit HQ - I haven't had the chance to get these up on the official site as there aren't many available - so instead email me at to reserve one and I'll then tell you how to pay for it. First come first served!

The official release date isn't until September so if you want one before everyone else then jump to it!!

Oh yeah and if you own an mp3 from one of the blogs that leaked it make sure you now buy a copy as the tracks have now been mastered and sound great LOUD!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

I've been rather busy recently - and my laptop is on holiday at the moment so I have no computer access at home. I will be back blogging full time next week honest - hopefully the Thisisnotadisco mix is keeping you busy.

In the meantime I have bits and pieces of news:

1. Kid 606 is going to remix the Sculpture single SCRAM which is due out later this year - good news!

2. I may also be able to announce a couple of new things that will be added to the release schedule - both killer - you'll just have to wait a little bit longer for me to give you the full details...

3. Hatchback White Labels available THIS WEEK! Phonica will have 50x copies later this week so watch out for that. There'll be an additional few available directly from the Thisisnotanexit webstore too. Either or get one fast before the official release in September. As Ewan Pearson says in his new chart "Fuck me this is special.."
Over and out until next week when service will be resumed.