Monday, July 23, 2007

A quick one - but there are 100 very limited white label 12" promos of Hatchbacks White Diamond (featuring the Prins Thomas Discomiks) now available! How do I get one I hear you ask? Well, one of two ways:

1. From the rather marvellous Phonica record shop in London:

2. Or alternatively directly from Thisisnotanexit HQ - I haven't had the chance to get these up on the official site as there aren't many available - so instead email me at to reserve one and I'll then tell you how to pay for it. First come first served!

The official release date isn't until September so if you want one before everyone else then jump to it!!

Oh yeah and if you own an mp3 from one of the blogs that leaked it make sure you now buy a copy as the tracks have now been mastered and sound great LOUD!!!

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