Friday, October 31, 2008

The darkness

Today on All Hallows' Even it is time as the festival begins to soundtrack the boundary between the alive and deceased with the first offering from Spectral Empire.
The offering they have provided comes in two parts. The first of which you will have to proffer gold coins and livestock to own. Coming on black plastic engraved with grooves from the high order of Samhain the Spectral Empire 12" (Catalogue Number TINAE 008) comes with two incantations to deep dark techno first offered by the legends of Detroit - the first of which is INNERFEARENCE and the second of which is THE MINOTAUR.
Offer your gifts in exhange for a copy via the digital link below. Buying directly from the shop grants you two things.
ONE: You will own the 12" a full ten days before the shops will have it
TWO: Us (the record label people and the Spectral Empire people) might actually brerakeven and thus enable us to put out more such magic.
The second Spectral Empire gift is one which is free and will involve only such modern technology as an internet connection.
It is 67 minutes and 57 minutes of dark mysterious soundtracks to the future - taking in the sleek cyber skylines of a Blade Runner future all the way back to a pagan ritual from the 16th century past.
Download from here and enjoy the music:
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Genius Professor

Friend of Thisisnotanexit (we released the first part of his A Jean Giraud series earlier this year - with the second part coming in 2009) as well as Italians Do It Better and Discques Sinthomme Mr. PROFESSOR GENIUS has a new ep out this week that he has released himself called DOWN THERE.

It contains 4x stunning new additions to his growing arsenal of spaced out tropical disco (with a little hint of melancholy with those pads on Down There) and is available only via the world of mp3 (its such a shame the world is turning towards mp3s and artists and labels are slowly releasing music via the digital space and not via vinyl...). Anyways you could do alot worse than spend £3.79 on this little collection of beauties this week.

Go on.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I've posted a chart of 10 records that are worth spending your hard earned on (specicially worth purchasing are the Moon Song Remixes 12" (obviously!) and the new BV Dub 12" on Meanwhile which is absolutely staggeringly beautiful.

my link to juno records

In these credit crunch times I was in my local charity shop (donating some cds and clothes) when I had a flick through the racks and found this for a pound.

Remixes from Underground Resistance, Mk and Derrick May! I also found a book by Greil Marcus book for £2.50. Bargains!

Monday, October 20, 2008

This week heralds the new release from They Came From The Stars I Saw Them on a limited edition promo 12". Moon Song is a live favourite from the latest album and the first 12" features remixes from King Of Town (hot from his remix of Desmond & The Tutu's Kiss You out now on Tigersushi) and DFA's hot new act Holy Ghost in both a vocal and instrumental form.
The second 12" will follow soon featuring remixes from Serge Santiago and Mungolian Jetset.
Only 500 have been pressed so don't sleep - available from the usual record shops. Here's some links to make the path to purchase slightly easier.
It will also be released digitally shortly.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Trevor Jackson knows a thing about music. He not only ran one of the best record labels that ever existed Output Recordings - in fact I'm not sure Thisisnotanexit would exist were it not for Output (and Factory of course). Trevor Jackson has also produced some incredible music of his own in his Playgroup guise and also remixes under this name. He's currently mixing some of the tracks for the forthcoming album from Detachments but he found time last week to contribute some mp3's to the Bumrocks blog.

1. Toto Blanke - Arabab (from the Toto Blanke & Electric Circus LP).
2. Czeslaw Niemen - Laur Dorjazaly (no idea where this is from - Czeslaw was a Polish composer though and this is really wild and freaky).
3. Shriekback - Mkistah Linn He Dead (from a 1984 12" - really really nice electronic post punk track).
4. Mark Wyman - Space In Faders (No idea where this is from but its a freaky little psych numbers with almost reggae funkiness).
5. Richard H. Kirk - The Greedy Eye (A typically abrasive sounding Richard H. Kirk track from the Time High Fiction album released in 1983).
Do yourself a favour and check them out. TJ is a man with exceptional taste.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



Limited edition 12" 300 copies only.

Not available on mp3.

Released 31st October HALLOWEEN.

Join the Spectral Empire facebook group here:

Watch out for a special Spectral Empire mix available from the thisisnotanexit site on the day of release.
The Moon Song rollercoaster continues.....the King Of Town Remix features on a new mix on the rather marvellous Urlaubshits blog.

Urlaubshits Vol. 3 (63.7 mb, 67:52 mins)

1) Naum Gabo - Spessivtseva (Dissident)
2) Simon Baker - Plastik (Todd Terje Türkatech Mix) (Playhouse)
3) They Came From The Stars I Saw Them - Moon Song (King Of Town With Moonbeams In His Crown Mix) (TINAE)
4) Blackbelt Andersen - November (Full Pupp)
5) Babytalk - Keep On Move (Six-Leg Friend and Original mixes) (Stickydisc Recordings)
6) Runaway - Brooklyn Club Jam (Brennan Green's Version) (DFA Records)
7) Allez Allez - Allez Allez (Aeroplane Remix) (Eskimo Recordings)
8) 40 Thieves - Don't Turn It Off (Permanent Vacation)
9) Woolfy - 1095/06/09 (Rong Music)
10) Low Motion Disco - Things Are Gonna Get Easier (Woolfy's Forgiveness Mix) (Eskimo Recordings)

Go download it yeah.

The Holy Ghost Remix was also played on Rob Da Banks Radio 1 show last Sunday - and this week Pete Tong might be giving the Serge Santiago Remix a spin. Wowsers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm back from my holiday! 2 weeks in Mauritius which was as you would expect incredibly amazing. Beautiful weather, romantic little hotel, great people, nice food, amazing lobster. And lots of Mauritian rum!
It has been slightly weird listening to the Detachments album demos, new East London italo disco and various other unsigned bits and pieces whilst lying on the beach surrounded by the clear blue sea but there you go.
News in short.....
A new digital service has launched called TENTRACKS with our friends Optimo picking 10 tracks for October. And all for just £1. There are two Thisisnotanexit tracks in there so is worth it nón?!
Out next Monday is the promo 12" for the new They Came From The Stars I Saw Them single MOON song featuring remixes from King Of Town and Holy Ghost! (DFA). Only 500 copies so best be quick!
Also, the Brain Machine album is out on 27th October so make sure you check that out when it lands. Limited edition 2 x 12"gatefold LP (500 copies only) and a digipack CD don't sleep on this one either!
Finally there will be the debut 12" from Spectral Empire landing soon. Watch out for this too as there is only 300 copies and it won't be available digitally.
Over and out for now.