Friday, August 31, 2007

I briefly visited the TDK festival last weekend - purely to see Keith and Jonnie from Optimo play. The fact the Queens Of Noise was the busiest room there sums up why I made a sharp exit as soon as Optimo had finished. Anyways Keith and Jonnie played a great set, here's a list of what they played from what I can remember!
Phonique - Casualties (Morgan Geist Remix)
New Order - Your Silent Face
Bamboo - Spaceships Crashing
Prinzhorn Dance School - Space Invader (Optimo Remix)
Jodeci - Freakin' (MK Dub remix)
DJ Pierre & Green Velvet - Acid Trax
Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Human League - The Things Dreams Are Made Of
There was obviously a load of other stuff that I can't remember or didn't know what they were but it was dam good. Here's the rather rare Bamboo Spaceships Crashing if you haven't got it...

A quiet week this week in terms of new releases so I've plumped for the two thing I have got that are stuck on the turntable.
1. Hercules & Love Affair - Classique #2 / ROAR (DFA)
DFA are back to kickstart the Autumn (yeah I've given up on Summer) with this little beauty that Tim Sweeneys been playing on Beats In Space for what feels like an eternity (he's since moved onto playing Classique #3 he's so ahead of the curve!). I can't decide which side I like more but I think ROAR (featuring Anthony from Anthony & The Johnsons) just shades it. Classy 80s style house music that when it comes out in a few weeks should be 'in your cart' in a shot.
2. A Mountain Of One - Brown Piano (Studio Version)
Balearic heaven! Two heavyweights of the current nu-balearic scene come together for this blissful piece of sunshine. Not sure what a Brown Piano is but this is muchos niceness. Available from Phonica and Piccadilly NOW!! Check out Studios forthcoming remix of Rubies too for some additional aural bliss. Its up on their myspace page.
Now, the labels myspace page gets friend requests all the time - wannabe pornstars and poor indie bands generally - but yesterday I actually got requested from a really really really good band! Called The Surprise Party the track FEAR NO FEAR is an amazing piece of industrail post punk thats apparently coming out on Ivan Smagghes Kill The Dj label - check it now before everyone else jumps on it.
Other news from the label. Hatchback - White Diamond will be hitting the shops on October 1st so make sure you pre-order / buy a copy! Only 1,000 in limited edition sleeves.
The follow up entitled JETLAG is scheduled for release in early 2008 has been finished and Faze Action are currently working on the remix that will feature on the b-side. And I can also now confirm that Thisisnotanexit will be releasing Naum Gabo's next single entitled PICTURE. A demo version has been played by Tim Sweeney already but there is now a finished version in existence. Rather excitingly Tim Goldsworthy from DFA is supplying the remix (as his The Loving Hand alias) and that will hit the shops Spring 2008.
Oh yeah and They Came From The Stars have a new-old album out soon on Onomatopeia so watch out for that. The NEW NEW album they've just finished recording will be getting sorted out over the next 6 months. Sounding really amazing even from the rough mixes I've heard so far....!

Friday, August 24, 2007

I found this yesterday whilst surfing around - and is apparently from the latest Mixmag. Anyways its the view of whats inside Daft Punks pyramid control room when they play live. And there you were thinking there was just an ON and OFF button!

I've been listening to alot of Neil Young recently - I think its the fact the weather here in London is so miserable and grey and wet. Neils melancholy is just hitting me at the moment. Anyway after including Down By The River from Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere on my last mix here's a video of him performing one of my favourite Neil Young songs OLD MAN from 1971 at Massey Hall. Haunting.


This weeks there's been alot of great disco gear land in the shops - proper good stuff for dancing! My particular favourite this week is a tie though - I simply can't decide between them.

First up is the man Jichael Mackson. He has a new 12" out called WASN'T ME. All you need to do is head straight for the track called THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER. Its got a really nice minimal groove, rolling bassline, a great spoken word vocal and then in the last 4 minutes of the track a reversed section of Chris Isaaks Wicked Game guitar riff. I hasten to add it sounds amazing - a truly innovative and great record, seriously.

The other joint record of the week is by Rimeroni Vumani on Magentron a label from Belgium. The ep is really strong - like Frank Hebly's Tuslangboogie which I loved earlier this year - but the track to hit is one called SUGAR BOOGER. Its a little TOO fast but pitch it down to -2 or -3 and its killer - a mixture of Metro Area disco stabs with a Luke Vibert ACID bassline this really rocks. I had a little dance round my room to this last night and that doesn't happen often I can tell you. The kick on this is something else too. My flatmate thought I was having a rave in my bedroom last night its that kicking.

Also worth a mention are GUI BORATTO's Beautiful Life which deservedly has now come out on a 12" on Kompakt. I've been loving this for so long I couldn't make it SOTW. Otherwise new balearic compadres Aeroplane pop up twice this week - firstly on a remix on the COYOTE EP2 12" on Is It Balearic plus their own debut release AEROPLANE : Aeroplane on Eskimo.
The Swiss - Movement 1,2 & 3 (Brennan Green Edit) is also worth checking for some proper disco action. Check the break in the middle - like wow.

Also worth a mention is last weeks BIS show as Tim Sweeney played a couple of new bits from the Juan Maclean. The one everyone has been most excited about (and the one I've had on repeat) is a track called HAPPY HOUSE with I suspect vocals from Nancy Whang. Built around a repeating early 90s piano hook and a DFA bassline (you know the bassline I mean - bass's now come with a 'DFA button') and an uplifting diva vocal (seriously I never thought Nancy had it in her) this is gonna be HUGE (round my house anyway). "take me into SPAAAAAAAAAACCEEEEEEEEE".

DFA have gone proper piano mad at the moment though - Still Going Theme is out soon, Hercules & Love Affair Blind is a massive piano tune, and the new Juan Maclean stuff has got loads of pianos. It's like the mid-90s never happened. I'm off to dig out some piano anthems now and head this trend off.

Finally a musical treat for you. You might thank me. You might hate me. Whatever happens it'll be stuck in your head all weekend.

Hot Butter - Popcorn

Have great weekends - I'm off to dance to Joakim & Optimo at TDK and then onto Turnmills for the DFA extravaganza with Tim Sweeney, Shit Robot and Hot Chip. Woohaa!

Over and out.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Smith N Hack - Falling Stars (Smith N Hack)
This actually came out last week but this is a new killer cut from Smith N Hack (their remix of Herbert was MASSIVE in 2006). The flip Space Warrior is pretty good but flip it for Falling Stars a near 10 minute techno italo disco throb with crazy underwater vocals. Definitely worth picking up - the sort of thing I-F will be all over - plus JD Twitch has been playing it at Optimo so you know it's gonna be good if he's given his stamp of approval.
I also got hold of a copy of the new Diynamic 12" yesterday which isn't out for a few weeks. Its by Stimming (One of Solomun & Stimming who released one of the tracks of 2007 so far FEUERVOGEL) and on his own Stimming doesn't disappoint. The EP is called FUNKWORM but flip it over for GETTING OUT which is the one to get into. Deep and minimal but with a real groove and beautiful violin and string stabs this is another great Diynamic release.
I also got excited yesterday about the LCD Soundsystem release planned for September. US only and purely digital as far as I'm aware but check out the tracklisting:
Sound Of Silver (Carl Craig Remix)
Get Innoucous (Soulwax Remix)
Us vs. Them (Sorcerer Remix)
Time To Get Away (Gucci Soundsystem Remix)
Us vs. Them (LCD Soundsystem LIVE on KCRW)
WOW!! Out September 18th apparently.
Plus on November 12th the 45:33 Nike collaboration will get an official release with 3x b-sides. The hope is that there'll be an unmixed version as Shame On You and Outer Space from it would be sure fire club HITS!
And then November 20th the James Murphy & Pat Mahoney FABRIC Mix will hit the stores - I wonder what will be on it....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I did a new mix at the weekend - a nice collection of old and new. Enjoy.

Thisisnotanexit Volume 7

1. Pantha Du Prince - Butterfly Girl (Pantha Du Prince Lost The Beat) (Dial) with PIL Religion
2. Skream - Sub-Island (Souljazz)
3. Break Even Point - Death Of A Hills Dancer (Disco Repossession) (Crue-l)
4. Mutron - Alone (Ronny & Renzo Remix) (King Kong Foo)
5. Michaocan - 2 Bullets (DJ Harveys Masterdata Remix) (Greyhound)
6. Osbourne - Outta Sight (Spectral)
7. Subway - Satellites (Souljazz) with Truffle Club - Gone Blue
8. Analord - Pwsteal.idpinch.d (Analord)
9. Fran-Key - Tetrapod Lover (Takimis Lost Ipod Mix) (Crue-l)
10. Bo'tox - Babylon By Car (I'm A Cliche / DFA)
11. Hatchback - White Diamond (Prins Thomas Miks Del 1 & 2) (Thisisnotanexit) with Jonathan Richman - Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste
12. Neil Young - Down By The River (Reprise)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Last year a 12" came out of nowhere on King Kong Foo Records by Ronny & Renzo entitled Uniqorns. No shops had in the Uk so I ordered mine directly from KKF based on the fact there was a Quiet Village Remix on the b-side. It was rather expensive - but hot dam it was a great 12" - I even included the Quiet Village Remix (or a part of it) on the mix I did for Roy Danks East Village Radio. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about then go out and search that first release out - deep sci-fi slo mo disco like HAL locking straight into your system.

Anyways out of the blue dropped a couple of new King Kong Foo bits last week - and oh my if they aren't just oh so good. I've always have a penchant for epic slo mo disco (not for dancing to mind - more of a swaying) I blame my love of Can for this - but anyway the first of the new KKF releases is by Mutron called Alone. The original is pretty cool - but flip it for the Ronny & Renzo Remix where we head straight down the Mekong Delta straight into Kurtz's disco lair with its wailing synths. Seriously - this is heavy dark shit with a Quiet Village-esque groove and R-E-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N as Mark E. Smith would say. Once the bassline kicks in and the melody rings out its absolute bliss. Its apparently hitting the shops the end of August (no doubt with a killer price again) but don't let that put you off - PURCHASE!!!!

The other new release (two at once!!!) is by Ronny & Renzo themselves entitled Big Smack & Flies. Big smack for sure this is another smack house groove with spiralling noises underpinned by the theme to Halloween. Like John Carpenter if he'd discovered the k hole.
On the flip is a remix by Thisisnotanexit favourites (seriously the remixes are constantly making me just sit open mouthed incredulously) Mungolian Jetset entitled MUNGOLIAN JETSETS MEDIEVAL KNIEVEL VERSION. Coming in at just over 10 minutes (i'm going to have to listen to some Minor Threat later on to get me out of 10 minutes plus = good mode) he gives it a sci fi techno sheen but keeps the 303s in the box this time (see Ost & Kjex for further reference). Anyways its dam fine - Goblin -esque almost. And I LOVE Goblin.

Finally I just wanted to mention the Dissident releases that I talked about last week. Turns out the Binary Chaffinch is by Chrome Hoofs drummer. The other two are by DIFFERENT people. Erm, sorry about that. Anyway Cage & Aviary I apologise! The track that they've done called GIORGIO CARPENTER is killer by the way - there was only a 100 of them so get out there and see if you can find one as again its worth it. Cage & Aviary are actually to put the record straight Jamie Paton and Nigel Of Bermondsey. Yes I know. But anyway Jamie also gave me a copy of a remix by The Petting Zoo of Alice McLaughlin who has apparently been signed up by Rob Da Bank for Sunday Best. Anyways The Petting Zoo remix might not be released as Rob might not be into it - but I'm urging you all to campaign for the release as its REALLY f8cking good. It's 10 minutes + (just!!!) and is a really nice space disco groove. Reminds me a bit of Asha Puthlis Space Talk for some reason but anyways you heard it here first - Cage & Aviary / Petting Zoo - ONES TO WATCH!

Over and out - I'm tired.

Oh and record of the week is Matthew Jonsons STOP. A departure for him but really really good!! I've also got the new Death From Abroad 12s that arrived today - but more about those next time. Actually one of them is a licence of ALTZ Max-Motion which has been a mainstay in my record box for about 2 years - dammit now everyone can buy it after its super limited Japanese pressing - a secret weapon exposed. The other one is by Mock N Toof - more on that later this week as the best side has COWBELL......

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Thanks to everyone who came to the Lock Tavern on Thursday - was alot of fun after the chaos that was the beginning of the night.

Here's a list of records that got played by myself....

First set...

Panda Bear - Take Pills (Paw Tracks)
Hatchback - Closer Together (Thisisnotanexit)
Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (ZTT)
OMD - Talking Loud And Clear (Extended Version) (Virgin)
Farah - Law Of Life (Italians Do It Better)
Lindstrom - Let It Happen (Azuli)
Binary Chaffinch - False Energy (Dissident)
Dolly Parton - Jolene (Peter Visti Edit) (Mindless Boogie)
The Belle Stars - The Clapping Song (Stiff)

Second set...

Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough (Live)
ME - Rnb Junkie (Golf Channel)
Trusme - Nards (Stilove4music)
Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (Warner Bros.)
Jonathan Richman - Egyptian Reggae (Beserkely)
Jonathan Richman - Roadrunner (Beserkely)
The Monks - Monk Time (Israphon)
Chairmen Of The Board - Everybody Party (All Night) (Invictus)

Also there is now a new Thisisnotanexit Records myspace page - and now has a music player. I'll be previewing new material on there so get yourself over there and friend the label up as I'll be updating that page rather than the old one from now on...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tonight Thisisnotanexit presents.... a night of musical entertainment at the Lock Tavern in Chalk Farm London. Its free entry and will feature the marvellous live talent of They Came From The Stars I Saw Them along with DJ sets from Sculpture and Horton Jupiter from the band and Simon A. Carr from Thisisnotanexit. Did I mention it was free?
Also, this week has seen an absolute flurry of amazing records hit the shops, here's what damaged my bank account this week (and which you should all check out straightaway!).
1. Osborne - Outta Sight (Spectral) 12"
Todd Osborne returns to Spectral with this little beauty - stuttered vocals, a disco bassline, and paradise garage piano. A groove and a half. And if the original doesn't hit you the remix by Luke Vibert will!
2. Skream - Sub Island (Souljazz White Label) 12"
Dubstep continues to surprise. Skreams album didn't do too much for me but this THIS is seriously good. There's not too much to it - a transmat early 90s melancholic piano fades in and out of the mix and a sub bassline shakes the speakers to absolute bits! The most exciting dubstep record - dubstep go minimal and oh my if Villalobos isn't wetting himself over this one he will be!
3. Dissident 12" promos
Little is known about these but three releases by Dissident Distribution sloped into the shops this week - apparently the work of Chrome Hoofs drummer - and super limited to 100 copies of each. Cue a mass online free for all. The first by Binary Chaffinch takes inspiration from !!!'s Me and.... and grooves along for 10 minutes. The other two by Gatto Fritto and Giorgio Carpenter are quality italo influenced disco. All 3 of them are worth hunting out. Don't sleep.
4. M E - R N B Junkie (Golf Channel)
Another limited to 100 copies record - this is a re-edit of a Janet Jackson tune as featured on the Lindstrom & Thomas essential mix. So yes its good. I know its JJ but seriously this is killer.
5. Firecracker EP
Picked up and raved about by Piccadilly and Yermam this is a funky boogie disco tune with stop start vocals. Picking up on pieces of Escort and Metro Area mixed with Theo Parrish this sounds like sunshine (if the sunshine hadn't disappeared again....)
Anyways I'll be playing these tonight probably so if you come down its a little taster of stuff I'll be playing....