Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Last year a 12" came out of nowhere on King Kong Foo Records by Ronny & Renzo entitled Uniqorns. No shops had in the Uk so I ordered mine directly from KKF based on the fact there was a Quiet Village Remix on the b-side. It was rather expensive - but hot dam it was a great 12" - I even included the Quiet Village Remix (or a part of it) on the mix I did for Roy Danks East Village Radio. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about then go out and search that first release out - deep sci-fi slo mo disco like HAL locking straight into your system.

Anyways out of the blue dropped a couple of new King Kong Foo bits last week - and oh my if they aren't just oh so good. I've always have a penchant for epic slo mo disco (not for dancing to mind - more of a swaying) I blame my love of Can for this - but anyway the first of the new KKF releases is by Mutron called Alone. The original is pretty cool - but flip it for the Ronny & Renzo Remix where we head straight down the Mekong Delta straight into Kurtz's disco lair with its wailing synths. Seriously - this is heavy dark shit with a Quiet Village-esque groove and R-E-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N as Mark E. Smith would say. Once the bassline kicks in and the melody rings out its absolute bliss. Its apparently hitting the shops the end of August (no doubt with a killer price again) but don't let that put you off - PURCHASE!!!!

The other new release (two at once!!!) is by Ronny & Renzo themselves entitled Big Smack & Flies. Big smack for sure this is another smack house groove with spiralling noises underpinned by the theme to Halloween. Like John Carpenter if he'd discovered the k hole.
On the flip is a remix by Thisisnotanexit favourites (seriously the remixes are constantly making me just sit open mouthed incredulously) Mungolian Jetset entitled MUNGOLIAN JETSETS MEDIEVAL KNIEVEL VERSION. Coming in at just over 10 minutes (i'm going to have to listen to some Minor Threat later on to get me out of 10 minutes plus = good mode) he gives it a sci fi techno sheen but keeps the 303s in the box this time (see Ost & Kjex for further reference). Anyways its dam fine - Goblin -esque almost. And I LOVE Goblin.

Finally I just wanted to mention the Dissident releases that I talked about last week. Turns out the Binary Chaffinch is by Chrome Hoofs drummer. The other two are by DIFFERENT people. Erm, sorry about that. Anyway Cage & Aviary I apologise! The track that they've done called GIORGIO CARPENTER is killer by the way - there was only a 100 of them so get out there and see if you can find one as again its worth it. Cage & Aviary are actually to put the record straight Jamie Paton and Nigel Of Bermondsey. Yes I know. But anyway Jamie also gave me a copy of a remix by The Petting Zoo of Alice McLaughlin who has apparently been signed up by Rob Da Bank for Sunday Best. Anyways The Petting Zoo remix might not be released as Rob might not be into it - but I'm urging you all to campaign for the release as its REALLY f8cking good. It's 10 minutes + (just!!!) and is a really nice space disco groove. Reminds me a bit of Asha Puthlis Space Talk for some reason but anyways you heard it here first - Cage & Aviary / Petting Zoo - ONES TO WATCH!

Over and out - I'm tired.

Oh and record of the week is Matthew Jonsons STOP. A departure for him but really really good!! I've also got the new Death From Abroad 12s that arrived today - but more about those next time. Actually one of them is a licence of ALTZ Max-Motion which has been a mainstay in my record box for about 2 years - dammit now everyone can buy it after its super limited Japanese pressing - a secret weapon exposed. The other one is by Mock N Toof - more on that later this week as the best side has COWBELL......

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