Friday, August 24, 2007

I found this yesterday whilst surfing around - and is apparently from the latest Mixmag. Anyways its the view of whats inside Daft Punks pyramid control room when they play live. And there you were thinking there was just an ON and OFF button!

I've been listening to alot of Neil Young recently - I think its the fact the weather here in London is so miserable and grey and wet. Neils melancholy is just hitting me at the moment. Anyway after including Down By The River from Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere on my last mix here's a video of him performing one of my favourite Neil Young songs OLD MAN from 1971 at Massey Hall. Haunting.


This weeks there's been alot of great disco gear land in the shops - proper good stuff for dancing! My particular favourite this week is a tie though - I simply can't decide between them.

First up is the man Jichael Mackson. He has a new 12" out called WASN'T ME. All you need to do is head straight for the track called THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER. Its got a really nice minimal groove, rolling bassline, a great spoken word vocal and then in the last 4 minutes of the track a reversed section of Chris Isaaks Wicked Game guitar riff. I hasten to add it sounds amazing - a truly innovative and great record, seriously.

The other joint record of the week is by Rimeroni Vumani on Magentron a label from Belgium. The ep is really strong - like Frank Hebly's Tuslangboogie which I loved earlier this year - but the track to hit is one called SUGAR BOOGER. Its a little TOO fast but pitch it down to -2 or -3 and its killer - a mixture of Metro Area disco stabs with a Luke Vibert ACID bassline this really rocks. I had a little dance round my room to this last night and that doesn't happen often I can tell you. The kick on this is something else too. My flatmate thought I was having a rave in my bedroom last night its that kicking.

Also worth a mention are GUI BORATTO's Beautiful Life which deservedly has now come out on a 12" on Kompakt. I've been loving this for so long I couldn't make it SOTW. Otherwise new balearic compadres Aeroplane pop up twice this week - firstly on a remix on the COYOTE EP2 12" on Is It Balearic plus their own debut release AEROPLANE : Aeroplane on Eskimo.
The Swiss - Movement 1,2 & 3 (Brennan Green Edit) is also worth checking for some proper disco action. Check the break in the middle - like wow.

Also worth a mention is last weeks BIS show as Tim Sweeney played a couple of new bits from the Juan Maclean. The one everyone has been most excited about (and the one I've had on repeat) is a track called HAPPY HOUSE with I suspect vocals from Nancy Whang. Built around a repeating early 90s piano hook and a DFA bassline (you know the bassline I mean - bass's now come with a 'DFA button') and an uplifting diva vocal (seriously I never thought Nancy had it in her) this is gonna be HUGE (round my house anyway). "take me into SPAAAAAAAAAACCEEEEEEEEE".

DFA have gone proper piano mad at the moment though - Still Going Theme is out soon, Hercules & Love Affair Blind is a massive piano tune, and the new Juan Maclean stuff has got loads of pianos. It's like the mid-90s never happened. I'm off to dig out some piano anthems now and head this trend off.

Finally a musical treat for you. You might thank me. You might hate me. Whatever happens it'll be stuck in your head all weekend.

Hot Butter - Popcorn

Have great weekends - I'm off to dance to Joakim & Optimo at TDK and then onto Turnmills for the DFA extravaganza with Tim Sweeney, Shit Robot and Hot Chip. Woohaa!

Over and out.

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