Friday, August 31, 2007

I briefly visited the TDK festival last weekend - purely to see Keith and Jonnie from Optimo play. The fact the Queens Of Noise was the busiest room there sums up why I made a sharp exit as soon as Optimo had finished. Anyways Keith and Jonnie played a great set, here's a list of what they played from what I can remember!
Phonique - Casualties (Morgan Geist Remix)
New Order - Your Silent Face
Bamboo - Spaceships Crashing
Prinzhorn Dance School - Space Invader (Optimo Remix)
Jodeci - Freakin' (MK Dub remix)
DJ Pierre & Green Velvet - Acid Trax
Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Human League - The Things Dreams Are Made Of
There was obviously a load of other stuff that I can't remember or didn't know what they were but it was dam good. Here's the rather rare Bamboo Spaceships Crashing if you haven't got it...

A quiet week this week in terms of new releases so I've plumped for the two thing I have got that are stuck on the turntable.
1. Hercules & Love Affair - Classique #2 / ROAR (DFA)
DFA are back to kickstart the Autumn (yeah I've given up on Summer) with this little beauty that Tim Sweeneys been playing on Beats In Space for what feels like an eternity (he's since moved onto playing Classique #3 he's so ahead of the curve!). I can't decide which side I like more but I think ROAR (featuring Anthony from Anthony & The Johnsons) just shades it. Classy 80s style house music that when it comes out in a few weeks should be 'in your cart' in a shot.
2. A Mountain Of One - Brown Piano (Studio Version)
Balearic heaven! Two heavyweights of the current nu-balearic scene come together for this blissful piece of sunshine. Not sure what a Brown Piano is but this is muchos niceness. Available from Phonica and Piccadilly NOW!! Check out Studios forthcoming remix of Rubies too for some additional aural bliss. Its up on their myspace page.
Now, the labels myspace page gets friend requests all the time - wannabe pornstars and poor indie bands generally - but yesterday I actually got requested from a really really really good band! Called The Surprise Party the track FEAR NO FEAR is an amazing piece of industrail post punk thats apparently coming out on Ivan Smagghes Kill The Dj label - check it now before everyone else jumps on it.
Other news from the label. Hatchback - White Diamond will be hitting the shops on October 1st so make sure you pre-order / buy a copy! Only 1,000 in limited edition sleeves.
The follow up entitled JETLAG is scheduled for release in early 2008 has been finished and Faze Action are currently working on the remix that will feature on the b-side. And I can also now confirm that Thisisnotanexit will be releasing Naum Gabo's next single entitled PICTURE. A demo version has been played by Tim Sweeney already but there is now a finished version in existence. Rather excitingly Tim Goldsworthy from DFA is supplying the remix (as his The Loving Hand alias) and that will hit the shops Spring 2008.
Oh yeah and They Came From The Stars have a new-old album out soon on Onomatopeia so watch out for that. The NEW NEW album they've just finished recording will be getting sorted out over the next 6 months. Sounding really amazing even from the rough mixes I've heard so far....!

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