Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Things that annoy me:

1. Anyone DJing using Ableton and who doesn't actually do anything inventive with it. You know mixing some Ed Banger B-sides and some Kitsune tracks at the push of a button is quite literally F*CKING BORING. Ableton allows you to do some really incredible and interesting things - and guess what you can play tracks with LIVE drums in Ableton with a bit of warping - who'd have thought!?! Lazy djing is back in vogue.

2. Neu-rave. Justice. The Klaxons. Ed Banger. Simian Mobile Disco. Kitsune. Just because. Oh and because the kids are wearing "Crazy dayglo outfits on the streets of East London".......

......all I have to say to that is I remember the kids wearing crazy day glo outfits and dancing to big synth sounding music at Gatecrasher in Sheffield a few years ago ( I didn't go - but I read about it).

Neu-rave = trance. Not good.

3. Having flu.

4. People on ebay not sending me the things I've bought - the last two things! And both had loads of positive feedback!

Over and out - this week I'm mainly listening to the new Emperor Machine 12"s, the new Carl Craig remix on Planet E, the Padded Cell mix from Beatsinspace, the BTWS remix of Findlay Brown, The Lotterboys Naum Gabo remix, Max Mohr - Trickmixers Revenge and They Came From The Stars - The Unstoppable Kite; so good even Tim Goldsworthy and Carl Craig like it.

David Lynch

A couple of weeks ago there was a screening of Inland Empire with a Q&A with David Lynch at the NFT - I missed out on tickets but you can read the transcription of the Q&A here:,,2011369,00.html

Engrave March 9th into your arm with a compass as thats when Inland Empire will finally hit UK screens...




Friday, February 09, 2007

Gucci Soundsystem - Acarpenter (Joakim Remix) on Death From Abroad. How good is this?! The best remix from Joakim, like, EVER!

This weekend I will finally be finishing the mix for Roy Danks show - have put together a couple of exclusive edits for it so it'll be worth the wait!

Soundtrack to this weekend:
Beck - Cellphones Dead (Villalobos Remix)
Switches - Lay Down The Law (Naum Gabo remix)
They Came From The Stars I Saw Them - Signals
John Forde - Stardance
Psychic Ills - Dins
OOIOO - Uma (EY3 Remix)
Link Wray - New Studio Blues
Sculpture - Flossy

And whatever I pick up from the record shop on the way home!