Friday, November 28, 2008

Chateau Flight have just put together a new chart for Beatport of their favourite new tracks and they've included Detachments Fear No Fear. Nice.

We also received the Chateau Flight Remix of Spectral Empire this week which is truly great. A slow burning 104bpm cosmic jam which will be out in 2009. Watch out.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yura Yura Teikoku

Monday, November 17, 2008

'Brain Machine's Prismatic Mix'
1. Agitation Free - Khan El Khalili
2. Growing - Wrong Ride
3. Deuter - Aum
4. Brain Machine - Massive Dying Stars Vibrating Like Giant Speakers
5. Brain Machine - Pulsations
6. Tangerine Dream - Birth Of Liquid Plejades
7. Brain Machine - Heaven 8 (Unit 4 Mix)
8. Brain Machine - Capricorn Rising
9. Scott Walker - The Electrician
10. Brain Machine - Heaven 8
11. The Cosmic Jokers - Galactic Joke
12. Brain Machine - Eternal Night
13. Popol Vuh - Dream Part 4
14. Brain Machine - Nexus Vox
The Brain Machine album can be purchased on cd from the thisisnotanexit shop:
We also have a very limited number of Brain Machine LP's in stock. 25 to be precise. You can get one ahead of the shops by emailing to clarify costs. There are only 500 pressed so they won't be around for long.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

If you're on facebook you can become a FAN of Detachments by following the link below.

They are currently in the studio working on their debut album with a variety of producers and contributors. It's shaping up to be spectacular judging from what I've heard so far.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Monday, November 10, 2008

This Is Not An Exit Records is proud to present the debut album by Brain Machine. A six-track broadcast from the electronic vanguard, Brain Machine is one of the most haunting, sensuous and distinctive releases you'll hear all year.
Brain Machine is Guido Zen and Juan T Trippe. They recorded this album in their spiritual home, the islands of The Federate States of Micronesia. According to Guido:'My father, a fine musician, worked as a pilot for Alitalia. Once, there was an accident, and his plane crash-landed in the South Pacific Ocean. He was rescued by islanders, and during the many months it took him to recuperate, he taught many of them how to write music. The Micronesians were suddenly able to write down the music they had been making for hundreds of years…Many of the rhythms and melodies that we use in Brain Machine come directly from the Micronesian tradition…"
Brain Machine's music is a picturesque, at times frightening journey into the unknown. It displays not just a restless forward momentum, but also perhaps a nostalgia for a future that never came to pass. There are definite echoes of dub, techno and the krautrock and synth experiments of 70s-80s Germany, but they're really only candles lighting the way through The Brain Machine's vast, disorienting universe.
Available on cd and download now.
A limited edition 500 copies only 2 x 12" gatefold edition will be out soon.
Available from the usual shops and outlets - a few friends are listed below....or email us straight back if you want to order directly from us here at Thisisnotanexit HQ.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Simon A. Carr DJ Chart (October 2008)

Weird Tapes - The Heavens (cd-r)
Spectral Empire - Innerfearence (Thisisnotanexit 12")
They Came From The Stars I Saw Them - Moon Song (Holy Ghost Remix) (Thisisnotanexit 12")
Rub N Tug - Mabakes (Combi 12")
Mungolian Jetset - Madreh Epics Part Two (cd-r)
Black Meteoric Star - World Eater (DFA)
The Dark Esquire - Lexicons (Bangkok Impact Disco Version) (Thisisnotanexit mp3)
Runaway - Just Got Paid (Wurst mp3)
Sleepwalk - A Selection By Optimo (Domino CD)
Clinic - Tomorrow (DFA Remix) (cd-r)
Orbital - Belfast (mp3)
Ghengis Tron - Board Up The House (Steve Moore Remix) (Temporary Residence LP)
Soft Cell - Insecure Me (Playgroup Remix) (cd-r)
Cluster & Eno feat. Holgar Czukay - Ho Renomo (Sky LP)
Cobra Cut - Night Prism (cd-r)
Parallels - Ultralight '08 (cd-r)
They Came From The Stars I Saw Them - Moon Song (The Gospel According To Mung 2012 Live At The Hacienda Version) (Thisisnotanexit mp3)Diamond Vampires - Models (cd-r)
Plastique Du Reve - Alone In Kyoto (Mental Groove 12")
Erik Wikstrom - Autonight (Feed 12")
Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna (Warp LP)Arthur Russell - Love Is Overtaking Me (Rough Trade CD)
Radiohead - The Reckoner (James Holden Remix) (cd-r)
BV Dub - A Moments Peace (Meanwhile 12")
Kate Bush - The Dreaming (EMI LP)Nite Jewel - My CD (Self Released)
Professor Genius - Down There (Jorge Velez Digital ep)

They Came From The Stars I Saw Them - Moon Song Remixes are now available online to download exclusively from Beatport. This is the only place you'll be able to get all the remixes over the next 4 weeks so get to it if you don't own a turntable!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Here's the latest Smugglers Inn podcast featuring new music from The Revenge Taps Aff Ep, Wax Stag, new Arturo Capone on Bear Funk, amazing soul from Jazzanova feat Phonte from Little Brother, wonky French hip hop from Yann Kesz, cool new disco from Marius, wacked out slo house from Jopling, New Spectral Empire on thisisnotanexit, new Lusty Zanzibar on Bear Funk, hot as hell deep techno from See The Road, the amazing new Pepe Bradock, Disco Deviance 006, Hot Coins....

You can stream/download the show from or search Itunes for 'Smugglers Inn'

November 1st Smugglers Inn

1 – Mr Hone – Open Your Eyes
2 – Jazzanova – feat Phonte – Look What You're Doing To Me
3 – San Eyes - Nos Nuits
4 – Jopling – Must Come Down
5 – Dialect – Parano Star - Atom Remix
6 – Chanan Hanspal - It's Only Just A Garden
7 – Pepe Bradock – Hints Of Delusion
8 – Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets – The Revenge Rework
9 – Spectral Empire - Innerfearence
10 – Umod – Omega Supreme
11 – Arturo Capone – Spacewalk
12 – Yann Kesz – In The Beginning Was The Beat
13 – Rui Maia – Cantonese Man – Hot Coins Refix
14 – Russ McDonald – Looking From The Cooking Pot
15 – Manus and Koigil – Carpet Voila
16 – Murr – Addiction
17 - Pepe Bradock – Mandragore
18 – The Clash– Magnificent Disco – BC Edit
19 – Marius - Disco Drummer – Dicky Trisco Remix
20 - Kool and The Gang – Kinda Funky - The Revenge Re-edit
21 – Luther Davis Group - To Be Free
22 – Candy Staton- Do Your Duty – Pepe Bradock Remix
23 – Lusty Zanzibar – In Your Heart
24 - See The Road – Pondora

Enjoy. Danny's a good man and his radio show is worth checking out on a regular basis.