Monday, November 10, 2008

This Is Not An Exit Records is proud to present the debut album by Brain Machine. A six-track broadcast from the electronic vanguard, Brain Machine is one of the most haunting, sensuous and distinctive releases you'll hear all year.
Brain Machine is Guido Zen and Juan T Trippe. They recorded this album in their spiritual home, the islands of The Federate States of Micronesia. According to Guido:'My father, a fine musician, worked as a pilot for Alitalia. Once, there was an accident, and his plane crash-landed in the South Pacific Ocean. He was rescued by islanders, and during the many months it took him to recuperate, he taught many of them how to write music. The Micronesians were suddenly able to write down the music they had been making for hundreds of years…Many of the rhythms and melodies that we use in Brain Machine come directly from the Micronesian tradition…"
Brain Machine's music is a picturesque, at times frightening journey into the unknown. It displays not just a restless forward momentum, but also perhaps a nostalgia for a future that never came to pass. There are definite echoes of dub, techno and the krautrock and synth experiments of 70s-80s Germany, but they're really only candles lighting the way through The Brain Machine's vast, disorienting universe.
Available on cd and download now.
A limited edition 500 copies only 2 x 12" gatefold edition will be out soon.
Available from the usual shops and outlets - a few friends are listed below....or email us straight back if you want to order directly from us here at Thisisnotanexit HQ.

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