Friday, June 23, 2006


I've got the new remixes of The Knife's next single "We share our mothers health" on a nice promo 12"! The Trentmoller remix is ok and does its job but its the Radioslave remix you want to get your hands on...a huge throbbing druggy 3am track...hardly any of the vocals (if any) are used and its just a total big soundsystem record ideal for Fabric in the early hours. Check it!

I've been a bit lazy and not managed to get the Stephen Malkmus tracks converted into mp3s yet, but I can tell you that the Emperor Machine is the best of the bunch. That and the super rare Blackstrobe track I mentioned last week will be up real soon. In the meantime here's The Langley Schools Music Project singing the Beach Boys.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Wowee Zowee!

I've got a nice promo 12" doublepack of remixes of Stephen Malkmus (ex-Pavement) track 'Kindling For Master' in the post to me which I'm hugely excited about. Its probably the most exciting set of remixes I've seen on one package for ages - and features Major Swellings (aka Prins Thomas), Hot Chip, Emperor Machine and Polmo Polpo. No idea when they're coming out or if they're going to get an official release but I'll post the best of the lot up once they arrive. Here in the meantime is the original version - Pavement goes disco......

I've also got a hugely rare Blackstrobe track called Pins and Needles which I might post up next week if I remember.....

Monday, June 12, 2006

Panico & San Serac

I went to see San Serac play live at the ICA last night as I've been trying to book him for a Thisisnotanexit event. He didn't disappoint and proves that Output are becoming the Rough Trade of the noughties with the variety of their recent signings. Trevor Jackson was also there and nodded along approvingly. Bless. Go check out San Serac at his myspace:

Headlining last night was Tigersushi signings Panico who I dragged all of my friends to see at Benicassim last year. Unfortunately the sound wasn't great then and they just didn't kick it like I'd hoped. Last night they were quite something though - tight, funky and very rocking. The three new songs they played were amazing - and the track they encored with sounded like Panico meets Can as it drifted into a freeform psychadelic wig out. God knows what it was called, but hot dam I need a copy.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Its getting hot in here...

Its Friday and its dam, dam hot. It's also just moments until that small football tournament that I can't remember the name of begins.

Here though are a couple of mp3 treats for your listening pleasure inbetween the football this weekend. Enjoy! They'll be up for a few days - like all good things they won't be around for long.

The first is a track by Kate Wax called 'Beetles & Spiders' that is coming out on a nice Output 10" soon. There's also a remix of it coming soon on a Mental Groove 12" and features on one of the new Fabric CD's. I like this alot. If you like this you should head over to Kate's official site or her myspace site and buy some of her stuff.

The second track is by Pizzicato Five from the mid-nineties and I was reminded of its charm last weekend whilst listening to Stuart Maconies Freakzone. A marvellous quirky kitsch like track that sounds like the sunshine.

Next week there'll be some more treats...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thisisnotanexit Volumes 1 - 3

Thisisnotanexit Volume 3 is now up on the official site for downloading and comes in at a mammoth 98 minutes! Initial feedback has been good, so thanks for the kind words - and I'm going to try and do a new mix every month now....

Thisisnotanexit Volume 3
1. Boyd Rice & Friends - Disneyland Can Wait
2. Agitation Free & Malesch - Ala Tul
3. Goblin - Suspira
4. Can - Hallelujah (97 Bpm Edit)
5. Quiet Village - Circus of Horrors
6. Emperor Machine - Bodilizer Bodilisizer
7. Betty Botox - Conny
8. The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes (Radioslave Re-edit)
9. Dondolo - Dragon (Shit Robot Remix)
10. Delia & Gavin - Revelee (Carl Craig Remix featuring Iggy Pop CBS Interview)
11. Velvet Underground - Sister Ray
12. Miracle - Doping Panda (Playgroup Remix)
13. The Chromatics - Shining Violence (Reprise)
14. Balanescu Quartet - Computer Love
15. Quiet Village - Victoria's Secret

You can also still download Volume 2 from the above linked page (although the tracklisting for that has disappeared - it'll get fixed tonight!). I've listed it below anyway as well.

Thisisnotanexit Volume 2

1. Justus Kohnke - Old Man
2. Mogwai - Fresh Crown
3. Aphex Twin - Avril 14th
4. Can - She Brings The Rain
5. Family Fodder - Cerf Volant
6. Bobby Marie - Stay Away
7. Crazy Girl - The Rebel (JD Twitch Gris Gris Remix)
8. Sonic Youth - Creme Brulee
9. 5 Mic Cluster - Empty Pockets
10. The Kreeps - Invasion
11. Can - I'm So Green
12. Altz - Max-motion
13. Enik - Why Do You Love Me? (Munk Remix)
14. Camberwell Now - Speculative Fiction

I've had a few requests for Volume 1 to be made available again as well so I've reuploaded it to Megaupload (link below) as the official site can't handle all three mixes.

Thisisnotanexit Volume 1
1. Godspeed You Black Emperor! – Dead flag blues
2. John Carpenter – Theme from Assault on Precinct 13
3. Quiet Village Project – Drax
4. Death in Vegas – Zugaga
5. Cabaret Voltaire – Here to go (JD Twitch re-edit demo)
6. Devo – Big Mess
7. Kraftwerk – Numbers (Live)
8. Syclops – The Fly
9. Goldfrapp – Slide in (DFA remix)
10. Lindstrom – Another day (Todd Terje remix)
11. Hot Chip – Over and over (Naum Gabo remix)
12. Ray Charles – I got a woman (Diplo remix)
13. Betty Botox – Zantac
14. Naked Lunch – Slipping Away (Thisisnotanexit edit with Allen Ginsberg ‘Howl’ excerpt)
15. Delia & Gavin – Black Spring
16. Mogwai – Friend of the night

Stay tuned for a few mp3 treats for the weekend in the next day or so...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Thisisnotanexit - The blog...

Thisisnotanexit is a reaction to identikit DJs and bands playing the same old stuff again and again and again...not just another italo repress....or another electrohouse by numbers remix....seeking to inspire and innovate with everything we do....

The launch party has been and gone and now we move onwards towards establishing a regular monthly event to showcase the best in cutting edge future psychadelic electronic disco as well as those tracks that give you goosebumps that have been overlooked or underused in the past...

This is going to be a platform for showcasing records and music we believe you should own. In true record loving fashion everything will be available for short periods of time and at low bitrates to make sure that you go out and hunt this music out in its official form...

Later this week I'll post some mp3 goodies for you to lay your ears on...