Friday, June 09, 2006

Its getting hot in here...

Its Friday and its dam, dam hot. It's also just moments until that small football tournament that I can't remember the name of begins.

Here though are a couple of mp3 treats for your listening pleasure inbetween the football this weekend. Enjoy! They'll be up for a few days - like all good things they won't be around for long.

The first is a track by Kate Wax called 'Beetles & Spiders' that is coming out on a nice Output 10" soon. There's also a remix of it coming soon on a Mental Groove 12" and features on one of the new Fabric CD's. I like this alot. If you like this you should head over to Kate's official site or her myspace site and buy some of her stuff.

The second track is by Pizzicato Five from the mid-nineties and I was reminded of its charm last weekend whilst listening to Stuart Maconies Freakzone. A marvellous quirky kitsch like track that sounds like the sunshine.

Next week there'll be some more treats...

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