Monday, June 18, 2007

I finished a mix a couple of weeks ago which you can download from here:

THISISNOTADISCO MIX (84 mb 90 Mins 58 Seconds)

1. Hatchback - White Diamond
2. Lindstrom & Solade - Let's Practice (Wade Nicholls Dub)
3. Frank Helby - Tuislangboogie
4. Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Mirage Remix)
5. Ilija Rudman - UMMA
6. Faze Action - Stratus Energy
7. Emperor Machine - Who You?
8. Prince - Controversy
9. Front 242 - Circular Motion (The Delicate Genius Edit)
10. Zombi - Sapphire
11. Efdemin - La Ratafia
12. Pantha Du Prince - Saturn Strobe
13. Polmo Polpo - Requiem For A Fox
14. The Field - Over The Ice
15. Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life


Friday, June 15, 2007

Professor Genius has been overplayed by myself via myspace recently after discovering him via the Italians Do It Better page (as they've signed him). Across The Spree is an awesome track and I was expecting to have to wait AGES to get hold of a copy but it turns out the Prof. Genius has made a CD compliation of his tracks available via his Tropical Computer System page - at £6.26 to get a copy to the UK its a total bargain! I'll report back once I've heard the cd (as I only ordered it today!) but judging by the myspace material its gonna be special. Deep 70s goblin / emperor machine / italian disco - tasty.

Professor Genius - La Grotta (Demo)

CD available to buy from here:

There's a nice feature on They Came From The Stars I Saw Them in this months FACT Magazine - its free so go and get a copy! Hatchback is mentioned in the singles section (again) too.

Tomorrow I will mainly be dancing my ass off to the robotic duo that is Daft Punk. Having never seen them (I know, the shame) I am rather excited about this. Hopefully the live show will be as exciting as the pyramid they played on across last years festivals - have had The New Wave on repeat this afternoon in anticipation. Chances are they won't play it but still, its psyching me up for the Daft guys showing Ed Banger what French techno REALLY sounds like.
Records on the turntable this weekend:
Aril Brika - Groove Le Chord 12"
Antena - The Boat (Chromatics Remix) 12"
This is Rong CD
The Liars - The Liars CD
Tigersushi Dirty Space Disco 12"
Burial - Ghost Hardware 12"
Pharaohe Monch - Body Baby (An Optimo Espacio Remix) 12"
Hawkwind - Space Ritual Double LP
OMD - Architecture & Morality LP
Antifamily - Antifamily CD
Tik & Tok - The Garden 12"
Ali Love - Secret Sunday Lover (Playgroup Vocal and Instrumental Remixes) CD
Siobhan Donaghy - Don;t Give Up (Carl Craig Vocal Remix) 12"
Have a good one people.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I read about Black Affair in the latest issue of FACT Magazine and was immediately intrigued so I headed over to the myspace page to see what all the fuss was about. I was immediately smitten with the first track Sweet and what do you know its a free download and at 192 kps too! Woohaa! I even got a bit more excited than I should have done when I relaised they were unsigned - so of course I got in touch! Anyways seems my excitement was short lived as a deal is about to be done. Anyways here's a link straight to Sweet if you're lazy, otherwise head over to the Black Affair page and check out the rest of the stuff (its one of the Beta Bands new projects so you know the quality is going to be high - think more dancefloor / Hot Chip / NYC 80s disco influenced).

Black Affair - SWEET

I know everyone slags off myspace and is now registering for the rather silly facebook (brilliant I can 'poke' you and then you can 'poke' me back oh jolly capers hows about I write on your wall fantastique) but recently I've been sending out promo packs to DJs via the wonderful world of myspace - and its so simple - and guess what they actually respond within 24 hours. I salute myspace for this wonderful communication aspect!

The god of minimal Mr. Villalobos has returned this past week with another EPIC and I mean 20 minutes and 43 seconds of EPIC-ness and a track called Encuentro Latinoamericano De La Soledad. Don't know when its coming out or on what label or too much to be honest but I reckon you're gonna be hearing it alot this summer! There is also a collaboration with Jay Haze coming soon too which is apparently their 'Ibiza track' whatever that means. Still, it won't stop me being excited when I finally get to hear it. Anyways I haven't posted either of these track below but the sample Ricardo has taken for Encuentro....check it out and then imagine it spread out over 20 luscious minutes. Or google it and some other blog will no doubt be leaking it.

Friday, June 08, 2007

As usual on my intergalactic high speed space travel around the wonderful thing we call t'internet I've discovered stuff before it gets released in the real world. Its kinda funny that the internet appears to be a bubble that is 2 months ahead of the actual physical world. Its like we've discovered time travel and noones really mentioned it.

Anyways there's a track coming out on Rong on a super super super limited run of 250 copies and 1 sided. Apparently you can only get a copy from the Rong webstore (but thats "Coming March 2007" - again another example of time travel compadres). So anyways not sure when this beaut is coming out but you can listen to it at the following link. Its by Scotty Coats and Wes The Mes and is called "Doublefisted". Not sure about the title but its a killer disco groove and a bassline that swamps the speakers.

Rong are on a roll at the moment - the new Lee Douglas 12" New York Story is aces and they're also the lucky people to be releasing the Free Blood material. I tried to sign Free Blood back when they had 23 myspace friends last year - things looked pretty good at one point but then they stopped responded to emails and then 6 months later signed to Rong in the US and Adventures Close To Home in the UK. Shame.

For all those that missed my guest mix on Roy Dank (Wurst Edits Supremo - watch out for a Lee Douglas edit on Wurst soon called Breakwind - killer bassline) Apocalypse Wow show a few months ago you can now pick up the mix without the chat from the Thisisnotanexit website:

1. Delia & Gavin - Field Effect #4 (Unknown)

2. Noze - Remember Love (Traum)

3. They Came From The Stars I Saw Them - It's Time (An Optimo Espacio Dub Remix) (Thisisnotanexit)

4. Magazine - The Light Pours Out Of Me (Thisisnotanexit for the club edit) (Virgin)

5. X Vectors - Now Is The Winter Of Our Discotheque (OSCARR)

6. !!! - A New Name (Warp)

7. Tussle - Unknown (Troubleman)

8. Blackbelt Anderson - En Real T Jukkas (Trailerpark Recordings)

9. LSB - Highway Delight (Mungolian Jetset Remix) (Eskimo)

10. Crue-l Grand Orchestra - Spend The Day Without You (EY3 Remix #2) (Crue-l)

11. Unknown - Unknown (Shit Robot Remix) (Unknown)

12. Ronny & Renzo - Uniqorns (Quiet Village Remix) (King Kung Foo)

13. OOIOO - Uma (EY3 Remix) (Thrill Jockey)

14. The Sonics - Psycho (Re-edit) (Moxie Brakes)

15. Human Beingz - Nobody But Me (Pilooski Edit) (Dark & Lovely)

16. Blondie - Fade Away And Radiate (Betty Botox Edit) (RVNG)

We're also in the process of uploading a brand spanking new mix to the site too which should be up in the next few days. Its mostly new stuff featuring Hatchbacks White Diamond coming soon on Thisisnotanexit plus some of the best stuff from the past few months from Faze Action (Stratus Energy - one of the best disco records thsi year), Pantha Du Prince, Efdemin, Gui Boratto, Frank Hebly etc. Will let you know when it goes up.

Otherwise on the stereo this week:

Black Dice - Roll Up 12"

Hiem - Clubscene Popscene (Prins Thomas Discomix) - limited edition one sided blue vinyl 12" on Eskimo...don't sleep on this one!

Paul Rooney - Lucy Over Lancashire 12"

Paul Haig - Reason

In Flagranti - Non Plus Ultra (Black Devil Disco Club Remix)

Ralph Lundsten - Horrorscope 12"

Haircut 100 - Evil Smokestacking Baby 12"

And this newie fresh from Mungolian Jetsets psychadelic studio - a new remix of Mari Boine and a contender for best remix title ever:

Mari Boine vs. Mungolian Jetset - It Ain't Necessary Evil (A Mungs Betrayal Of The Traditional Norweigan Suoivean Idjagie Dance)

I've also uploaded all the old releases plus the forthcoming new stuff on Thisisnotanexit Records onto Last FM - so have a listen!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Grinderman album has been on heavy rotation recently - and No Pussy Blues has the kind of guitar onslaught that clears your mind! I've yet to experience it live or in a club but I know a few of the more adventurous DJs are playing it. Would love to hear the guitar attack in a smoky dimly lit basement with a strobe going off...but I digress, have a look at Nick and the boys performing No Pussy Blues on Later With Jools Holland. Killer I tell you.

If you feel so inclined go and buy the album - investigate further - its worth it.

I also picked up the new Innervision this week featuring the so massive BALANDINE (i talked about this the other week - its got a breakdown to die for) and a tasty space age techno b-side ENOI. Both great stuff. Ame have also contributed a Top 10 chart to Beatport which is as you'd expect full of things worth checking.

I also got the Wild Rumpus - Musical Blaze Up 12" on Bitches Brew too. Its all about the Rub N Tug Bitches mix crazy banjo like guitars, a disco dub bassline and a wonkiness that only Rub N Tug can pull off. I first heard this on Lindstrom & Thomas' essential mix a few weeks ago and it sounds like this could be a massive summer anthem. Honest.