Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I read about Black Affair in the latest issue of FACT Magazine and was immediately intrigued so I headed over to the myspace page to see what all the fuss was about. I was immediately smitten with the first track Sweet and what do you know its a free download and at 192 kps too! Woohaa! I even got a bit more excited than I should have done when I relaised they were unsigned - so of course I got in touch! Anyways seems my excitement was short lived as a deal is about to be done. Anyways here's a link straight to Sweet if you're lazy, otherwise head over to the Black Affair page and check out the rest of the stuff (its one of the Beta Bands new projects so you know the quality is going to be high - think more dancefloor / Hot Chip / NYC 80s disco influenced).

Black Affair - SWEET

I know everyone slags off myspace and is now registering for the rather silly facebook (brilliant I can 'poke' you and then you can 'poke' me back oh jolly capers hows about I write on your wall fantastique) but recently I've been sending out promo packs to DJs via the wonderful world of myspace - and its so simple - and guess what they actually respond within 24 hours. I salute myspace for this wonderful communication aspect!

The god of minimal Mr. Villalobos has returned this past week with another EPIC and I mean 20 minutes and 43 seconds of EPIC-ness and a track called Encuentro Latinoamericano De La Soledad. Don't know when its coming out or on what label or too much to be honest but I reckon you're gonna be hearing it alot this summer! There is also a collaboration with Jay Haze coming soon too which is apparently their 'Ibiza track' whatever that means. Still, it won't stop me being excited when I finally get to hear it. Anyways I haven't posted either of these track below but the sample Ricardo has taken for Encuentro....check it out and then imagine it spread out over 20 luscious minutes. Or google it and some other blog will no doubt be leaking it.

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