Friday, June 15, 2007

Professor Genius has been overplayed by myself via myspace recently after discovering him via the Italians Do It Better page (as they've signed him). Across The Spree is an awesome track and I was expecting to have to wait AGES to get hold of a copy but it turns out the Prof. Genius has made a CD compliation of his tracks available via his Tropical Computer System page - at £6.26 to get a copy to the UK its a total bargain! I'll report back once I've heard the cd (as I only ordered it today!) but judging by the myspace material its gonna be special. Deep 70s goblin / emperor machine / italian disco - tasty.

Professor Genius - La Grotta (Demo)

CD available to buy from here:

There's a nice feature on They Came From The Stars I Saw Them in this months FACT Magazine - its free so go and get a copy! Hatchback is mentioned in the singles section (again) too.

Tomorrow I will mainly be dancing my ass off to the robotic duo that is Daft Punk. Having never seen them (I know, the shame) I am rather excited about this. Hopefully the live show will be as exciting as the pyramid they played on across last years festivals - have had The New Wave on repeat this afternoon in anticipation. Chances are they won't play it but still, its psyching me up for the Daft guys showing Ed Banger what French techno REALLY sounds like.
Records on the turntable this weekend:
Aril Brika - Groove Le Chord 12"
Antena - The Boat (Chromatics Remix) 12"
This is Rong CD
The Liars - The Liars CD
Tigersushi Dirty Space Disco 12"
Burial - Ghost Hardware 12"
Pharaohe Monch - Body Baby (An Optimo Espacio Remix) 12"
Hawkwind - Space Ritual Double LP
OMD - Architecture & Morality LP
Antifamily - Antifamily CD
Tik & Tok - The Garden 12"
Ali Love - Secret Sunday Lover (Playgroup Vocal and Instrumental Remixes) CD
Siobhan Donaghy - Don;t Give Up (Carl Craig Vocal Remix) 12"
Have a good one people.

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