Friday, June 25, 2010


Club Silencio furnish us with a new mix. TURPE 002. Go seek and spin spin sugar.

Don't forget the Club Silencio Felix / Turpe Traxx EP 12" is still available at a few shops and the Club Silencio - You Got To Look (featuring The Dark Esquire) is out this week on Juno Download.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My ears are still ringing.


I've just returned home from Factory Floor at Rough Trade East. 3 songs. Intensity of the highest order. Factory Floor take the throb, the trance, the noise, the groove, the i feel love, the gristle and focus in on a small circle repeating to infinity.

I bought their new 2 x 12" remix pack. Chris Carter - legend. Stephen Morris - legend. They're surrounded by people who know their stuff.

We spoke to Nik Colk. She said she'd do a remix for Thisisnotanexit. Here's hoping.

The last time we saw Factory Floor a few weeks ago we stood next to the singer from The Drums. Don't know his name. Don't care either. The NME appear to love Factory Floor. Bizarre. Don't let this tarnish your thoughts - it nearly made me dismiss them - but really The NME opinion is of no use to me - Factory Floor represent a new order.

The Chris Carter Remix of Lying plays at 45rpm on my turntable.

Buy their records.

Most importantly see them live.

My ears are still ringing.

Friday, June 18, 2010


ap55.jpg image by Saltlick

Night Plane twists Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti Round & Round into a sunbaked edit of dancefloor goodness.

Check it out on Soundcloud where you can also download it and pass on to your friends too.

Thisisnotanexit: giving you what you want.

Friday, June 11, 2010


THISISNOTANEXIT SUMMER SAMPLER 2010 is released 21st June 2010.


1/ Hatchback - Jetlag (Faze Action Remix)
2/ Command V - Hello (Moscow Remix)
3/ Club Silencio feat. The Dark Esquire - You Got To Look
4/ Detachments - The Flowers That Fell (Urlaubshits Minimal Rave Mix)

If you want it on 12" then you will have to follow this link and pledge. You won't be charged unless we get 100 people pledging for the release. This is a new way of releasing things for us and means that the formats releases come on (and the releases themselves) will be down to you getting involved. If you don't want it on vinyl then it won't come out on vinyl.

This 12" WON'T be in the shops. This is the only way to get hold of a copy.

Monday, June 07, 2010




Released June 21st on Juno Download.

1. Hatchback - Jetlag (Faze Action Remix)
2. Command V - Hello (Moscow Remix)
3. Club Silencio feat. The Dark Esquire - You Got To Look
4. Detachments - The Flowers That Fell (urlaubshits Minimal Rave Mix)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

THISISNOTANEXIT Party 25th June 2010

THISISNOTANEXIT continues its monthly residency at new Stoke Newington venue THE DROP (underneath the Three Crowns) on Friday June 25th after a hugely successful launch party.

This time we will be celebrating the release of the THISISNOTANEXIT Summer Sampler (out June 21st) featuring 4 exclusive summer picks including Detachments, Hatchback, Command V and Club Silencio.

The night will commence at 10pm with Thisisnotanexit's own Simon A. Carr easing you into the weekend for the first couple of hours or so as he plays the wilder reaches of his record collection.

Detachments will then be performing live with a set scheduled for midnight.

Spectral Empire will take control of the decks after Detachments, setting a course guided by their own take on robo-italo and playing a wide variety of wild and crazy dance music to take you into the early hours.

There will be visuals and projections as part of the experience. As an extra incentive (as if you needed one) the first 50 entrants will receive a very limited edition Spectral Empire Dark Energy CD. All this for just five new pounds.

Come party with THISISNOTANEXIT.

Facebook event page:!/event.php?eid=127179050636139&ref=mf