Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My ears are still ringing.


I've just returned home from Factory Floor at Rough Trade East. 3 songs. Intensity of the highest order. Factory Floor take the throb, the trance, the noise, the groove, the i feel love, the gristle and focus in on a small circle repeating to infinity.

I bought their new 2 x 12" remix pack. Chris Carter - legend. Stephen Morris - legend. They're surrounded by people who know their stuff.

We spoke to Nik Colk. She said she'd do a remix for Thisisnotanexit. Here's hoping.

The last time we saw Factory Floor a few weeks ago we stood next to the singer from The Drums. Don't know his name. Don't care either. The NME appear to love Factory Floor. Bizarre. Don't let this tarnish your thoughts - it nearly made me dismiss them - but really The NME opinion is of no use to me - Factory Floor represent a new order.

The Chris Carter Remix of Lying plays at 45rpm on my turntable.

Buy their records.


Most importantly see them live.

My ears are still ringing.

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