Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tonight Thisisnotanexit presents.... a night of musical entertainment at the Lock Tavern in Chalk Farm London. Its free entry and will feature the marvellous live talent of They Came From The Stars I Saw Them along with DJ sets from Sculpture and Horton Jupiter from the band and Simon A. Carr from Thisisnotanexit. Did I mention it was free?
Also, this week has seen an absolute flurry of amazing records hit the shops, here's what damaged my bank account this week (and which you should all check out straightaway!).
1. Osborne - Outta Sight (Spectral) 12"
Todd Osborne returns to Spectral with this little beauty - stuttered vocals, a disco bassline, and paradise garage piano. A groove and a half. And if the original doesn't hit you the remix by Luke Vibert will!
2. Skream - Sub Island (Souljazz White Label) 12"
Dubstep continues to surprise. Skreams album didn't do too much for me but this THIS is seriously good. There's not too much to it - a transmat early 90s melancholic piano fades in and out of the mix and a sub bassline shakes the speakers to absolute bits! The most exciting dubstep record - dubstep go minimal and oh my if Villalobos isn't wetting himself over this one he will be!
3. Dissident 12" promos
Little is known about these but three releases by Dissident Distribution sloped into the shops this week - apparently the work of Chrome Hoofs drummer - and super limited to 100 copies of each. Cue a mass online free for all. The first by Binary Chaffinch takes inspiration from !!!'s Me and.... and grooves along for 10 minutes. The other two by Gatto Fritto and Giorgio Carpenter are quality italo influenced disco. All 3 of them are worth hunting out. Don't sleep.
4. M E - R N B Junkie (Golf Channel)
Another limited to 100 copies record - this is a re-edit of a Janet Jackson tune as featured on the Lindstrom & Thomas essential mix. So yes its good. I know its JJ but seriously this is killer.
5. Firecracker EP
Picked up and raved about by Piccadilly and Yermam this is a funky boogie disco tune with stop start vocals. Picking up on pieces of Escort and Metro Area mixed with Theo Parrish this sounds like sunshine (if the sunshine hadn't disappeared again....)
Anyways I'll be playing these tonight probably so if you come down its a little taster of stuff I'll be playing....

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