Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Genius Professor

Friend of Thisisnotanexit (we released the first part of his A Jean Giraud series earlier this year - with the second part coming in 2009) as well as Italians Do It Better and Discques Sinthomme Mr. PROFESSOR GENIUS has a new ep out this week that he has released himself called DOWN THERE.

It contains 4x stunning new additions to his growing arsenal of spaced out tropical disco (with a little hint of melancholy with those pads on Down There) and is available only via the world of mp3 (its such a shame the world is turning towards mp3s and artists and labels are slowly releasing music via the digital space and not via vinyl...). Anyways you could do alot worse than spend £3.79 on this little collection of beauties this week.

Go on.

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