Friday, October 31, 2008

The darkness

Today on All Hallows' Even it is time as the festival begins to soundtrack the boundary between the alive and deceased with the first offering from Spectral Empire.
The offering they have provided comes in two parts. The first of which you will have to proffer gold coins and livestock to own. Coming on black plastic engraved with grooves from the high order of Samhain the Spectral Empire 12" (Catalogue Number TINAE 008) comes with two incantations to deep dark techno first offered by the legends of Detroit - the first of which is INNERFEARENCE and the second of which is THE MINOTAUR.
Offer your gifts in exhange for a copy via the digital link below. Buying directly from the shop grants you two things.
ONE: You will own the 12" a full ten days before the shops will have it
TWO: Us (the record label people and the Spectral Empire people) might actually brerakeven and thus enable us to put out more such magic.
The second Spectral Empire gift is one which is free and will involve only such modern technology as an internet connection.
It is 67 minutes and 57 minutes of dark mysterious soundtracks to the future - taking in the sleek cyber skylines of a Blade Runner future all the way back to a pagan ritual from the 16th century past.
Download from here and enjoy the music:
Happy Halloween!

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