Friday, October 17, 2008

Trevor Jackson knows a thing about music. He not only ran one of the best record labels that ever existed Output Recordings - in fact I'm not sure Thisisnotanexit would exist were it not for Output (and Factory of course). Trevor Jackson has also produced some incredible music of his own in his Playgroup guise and also remixes under this name. He's currently mixing some of the tracks for the forthcoming album from Detachments but he found time last week to contribute some mp3's to the Bumrocks blog.

1. Toto Blanke - Arabab (from the Toto Blanke & Electric Circus LP).
2. Czeslaw Niemen - Laur Dorjazaly (no idea where this is from - Czeslaw was a Polish composer though and this is really wild and freaky).
3. Shriekback - Mkistah Linn He Dead (from a 1984 12" - really really nice electronic post punk track).
4. Mark Wyman - Space In Faders (No idea where this is from but its a freaky little psych numbers with almost reggae funkiness).
5. Richard H. Kirk - The Greedy Eye (A typically abrasive sounding Richard H. Kirk track from the Time High Fiction album released in 1983).
Do yourself a favour and check them out. TJ is a man with exceptional taste.

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