Friday, August 21, 2009

Since the release of the Ultralight EP Parallels have become quite an in demand band. Current hype band Delphic have recently enlisted their remixing skills (as seen on their first remix outing for Thisisnotanexit remixing Detachments The Flowers That Fell into a pop disco masterpiece) for their new single 'This Momentary' out now on hipbloglabel Kitsune. The real killer hook on Parallels remixes is that vocalist Holly Dodson adds that extra little something. When she drifts into the mix at 3:49 that's when the remix really takes flight (similarly with the backing vocals on the Flowers That Fell Remix). Parallels are pretty busy at the moment finishing their debut album but they will soon also have a new track called FIND THE FIRE featured on the next Kitsune compilation out in September time. They are also remixing HEALTH's next single too so watch out for that. For now have a listen to their Delphic Remix. And if you like it buy a copy of the 12" or a decent mp3 of it.

Or pick up a copy of their Ultralight 12" or their remix of Detachments The Flowers That Fell here:

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