Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doyens of dark paranoid twitch inducing disco SPECTRAL EMPIRE return in a few weeks time with their latest offering to the dark gods. On bended knees they offer Black Shark - the follow up to their first situation INNERFEARENCE / THE MINOTAUR. Black Shark has it's own video which you should all have seen already - if not here it is from cult video maker Tommyboy.

In honour of this new release we have an exclusive mix for you from Spectral Empire. They didn't offer up any explanation or tracklist or anything. I don't think it even contains any Spectral Empire music. It's just what it is. 1 hour and 14 minutes of exceptional pickings from dusty vinyl emporiums from the past 50 years. I've asked them for a tracklist as there are some sublime moments on here but unfortunately they won't let Thisisnotanexit know what their secret pickings are. If anyone can identify more than 5 tracks in the mix and post them in the comments then we'll send you a Thisisnotanexit goody bag.

Black Shark is released on August 24th on 12" with a remix of Innerfearence from Chateau Flight and an exclusive track called KM-50 Spectral Assault Mix. The release has already been played by: Aeroplane, Trevor Jackson, Ewan Pearson, Danny Howells, Optimo, Mike Simonetti and Shit Robot. A sign of the releases quality if ever there was one.

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