Friday, March 20, 2009

The Essential Purchase Week 11

The Essential Purchase Week 11
Prins Thomas - Mammut (Full Pupp)
The new Prins Thomas production touched down this week which has apparently been a year in production. It features a track called Mammut which has been compared to Thisisnotanexits very own White Diamond by Hatchback. It also features a cover of a Villalobos track called Fitzpatrick. Finally it features a track called Remiksosaurus. Sounds like a brilliant title! Have a listen to Mammu below on this groovy little music player and make your own mind up.

I will be foregoing Prins Thomas' latest work for the latest 2 x releases from Crue-l (a rather fantastic Japanese label that are desperately hard to get hold of in the uk!). Anyways this week they have released two tracks on a new offshoot called Crue-l Rouse.

The first is from Stoned Green Apples and is called Sugar k / Peter Pan. Sugar K comes remixed by Yura Yura Teikoku in vocal and instrumental forms fresh from their blink and you miss it 200 copies only DFA release. Peter Pan comes with remixes from the man that is Luger E-Go who is one of my favourite remixers from the past few years - everything he remixes is pure gold. His remix of Fran-key a few years ago is absolute dynamite!

I've also broken my rule of 1 record a week and bought the other Crue-l Rouse release - the other being from Discosession featuring Rie Lambdoll called TV Scene. This comes with an original mix, a Soft Rocks Remix and a Celestial Forest Mix.

Both are available via Jetset Records in Japan and they have less than 20 copies for overseas buyers. GET TO IT!

For those that don't live in Scotland Mr JD Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes took over Radio 1 Scotland this week for 2 hours playing a veritable treasure trove of exciting music as only they do. You can thanks to the power of the internet download and listen to the show via these mediafire links. Who do you love?

Tracklisting to the show:

Aidan Moffat & The Best Ofs – ‘I Got You Babe’ (Chemikal Underground)

Hudson Mohawke – ‘OOOps Oh My’ (Wireblock)

Correcto - 'Downs' (Domino)

Album Of The Month

1990’s - 'Balthazar' (Rough Trade)

Live In Session

Big Ned - 'Final Steps’ (Live Session Track)

Big Ned - 'Ambition' (Live Session Track)

Slam -‘Hot Knives’ (Paragraph)

Ming Ming And The Ching Chings – ‘Creepy Tales’ (White Label)

Magic Daddy – ‘Tastes Pretty Good' (White Label)

The Niallist Feat Ms Mac D – ‘I Came’ (Little Rock)

Foxface – ‘Last Waltz’ (Gargleblast)

Gummy Stumps - 'High Tower' (White Label)

Fingerprintz - 'Wet Job' (Virgin)

Dolksabeat – ‘Zodiac Rising’ (Optimo Music)

Jacob Yates And The Pearly Gate Lockpickers - 'Merry Hell' (White Label)

Live In Session

Big Ned – ‘Love, Honour & Obey' (Live Session Track)

Big Ned – ‘Sugar Daddy’ (Live Session Track)

Naum Gabo - 'Black Lab' (Dissident)

Tattie Toes - 'Shanty' (White Label)

Divorce – 'Scissor' (Optimo Music)

Den Haan - 'Release The Beast' (Optimo Music)

Rustie - 'Zigzag' (White Label)

The Phantom Band - 'Island' (Chemikal Underground)

Dananananaykroyd - 'Black Wax' (Best Before)

The Lady Vanishes - 'Sleep Walk' (White Label)

In other news Detachments are playing Dublin Castle this Wednesday 25th March. Email us for guestlist / cheap entry. More info here:

Detachments onstage at 9pm.

And for those that live in London Mr. Horton Jupiter from They Came From The Stars I Saw Them is DJing at Gold Bar in Stoke Newington this evening. Get on down.

Enjoy the sunshine people.

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