Friday, April 03, 2009

The Essential Purchase Week 12 & 13

And we're back on air....after radio silence mainly due to the day job (yes Thisisnotanexit is not a full time job unfortunately but run in those small moments grasped through the day and evening when there is 5 minutes to stop and think. Those of you that log off and go home at 5.30pm with the days work done I do that and get home knowing that there are a good few hours left of the working day to do thisisnotanexit work - such is life) anyways I digress. Yes there has been silence. Although for those with a twitter obsession the minutaie of my day is caught via the TINAErecords twitter. Mainly that fulfils the function of updating you literally as things happen. Here we shall spend some more time thinking about the music that has been released into the world these past two weeks (plus a few other ramblings and interesting things I figured I'd share...).

The soundtrack to this post is this:

Fever Ray - Fever Ray LP

The most interesting release of this week is OBVIOUSLY the Fever Ray album. For those who obsess about The Knife (and there are enough of us) a solo album from Karin is enough to have got me excited since I heard about it. When I Grow up sated my appetite for about 5 seconds but this is the real deal. Apparently written in those moments she got to herself when the child she had just had was sleeping it captures a dark melancholia and suburban angst that was last seen evidenced on Kate Bush's Aerial (King Of The Mountain and that part of the album: "Washing machine....washing maaaaaaccchhhhhiiiiinnnneeeeeeeee). Anyways this album is absolutely staggering in it's beauty and darkness and pure pure majesty. For those of you with taste in music if you don't rush out and buy this well then you shouldn't be reading this. You should retire to detention with a copy of Rip It Up And Start Again and not come back until you can talk to me about the history of Factory records. Or Mute. You decide. Anyways just go an buy it. SERIOUSLY!

You're still here. I hope you've been off somewhere on the internet buying that album or else....

The other amazing release of the past couple of weeks is the Den Haan - Release The Beast (Optimo Music) 12".

For a start it's on Optimo Music. Enough said! But anyways this is a pure italo disco glam thumper that stinks of Giorgio Moroder and shaking your thing on a yacht in 1984 with the girls from that Robert Palmer video. Pure sleaze. Pure dancefloor beauty.

Those are the two records you should buy. That's it. Job done.

Here's a nice article on's a love affair don't you know.

Parallels T-Shirts...

This week Parallels t-shirts were made available from the myspace page. Go get one and wear it next week and get your friends to take some photos and then in two years time when they're on the nme front cover you can dig out the photos and go check me out ahead of the curve.

We have also had confrmation this week that The Ultralight Ep will be available on limited edition 500 only 12" pressing from May 11th in a beautiful picture sleeve. Get in contact if you want to reserve a copy. There will be around 250 in the UK and the rest will be going to Canada and the rest of the world.

Free music via myspace:

Check out Saudi Air Bandit and specifically the track to lost patrol. In fact if you play lost patrol and then watch this youtube clip (and turn the volume down / mute it) you've got your own video mash up DIY style.

And that my friends is it for today. I'm off to put my shoes on and watch Detachments at The Queen Of Hoxton. See you on the other side.

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