Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Woe is me....

No posts for a while as my girlfriend broke up with me. Woe is me.

I have though put together the next Thisisnotanexit installment and Volume 4 should be up on the official site in the next few days for you to download and cast your ears upon. In the meantime here's the tracklist - basically for you to decide if you fancy trekking all the way to another site to download it. Its not as long as the last mix I did, does contain the new DFA remix of Hot Chip, plus is laced with an undercurrent of melancholia which I quite like....

Thisisnotanexit Vol. 4

1. Telstar Ponies - Bells for Albert Ayler / Voices for the new music
2. Burial - Night Bus
3. Aphex Twin - On
4. Juan Maclean - La Chine
5. Hot Chip - Colours (DFA remix)
6. Goat Dance - Sizzle
7. Kerrier District - Robots (Disco Nasty remix)
8. Capracara - Two headed monster
9. Akabu - Phuture Bound (Ame remix)
10. The Rapture - Get myself into it
11. Carol & Snowy Red - Breakdown
12. Ginny - Can't be serious
13. Burial - Forgive
14. Langley Schools Project - God only knows
15. Amina - Fjarikstan
16. Mogwai - Friend of the night (Acid casuals remix)

As I said it should be available on the official site real soon.....

In other news and continuing my recent Knife obsession my mate Pete supplied with me this little beauty - the Ratatat remix of the new Knife single 'We share our mothers health'....check it! Very different to the Radioslave remix I put up a few weeks ago.

I've also set myself up for a fall by somehow agreeing to Dj at a friends party, and alongside my mates Wedont and Karlos, play 60 songs in 60 minutes. I'm currently busy on Ableton editing the hell out of stuff, but I will definitely be playing this (non-edited) beauty that Twitch mentioned to me and comes in at a blink and you'll miss it 46 seconds, lets rawk!

Minor Threat - Straight Edge

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