Friday, November 03, 2006

Blackstrobe have made their transition from the Output fallout to Playlouder Recordings with the release of Shining Bright Star today. Its a track thats been kicking about for a while and does everything a Blackstrobe track normally does. Its a bit like this that was on the so rare it hurts 5x12 Puma boxset that came out as part of the Miami Festival a couple of years ago.

I got my copy at an Output Records night and have treasured ever since as I believe there was only 100 made - but it had exclusive stuff from Output, Diplo, DFA etc on it. Anyway here's Blackstrobe doing their big ballsy electro techno house 'ting. Enjoy.

Blackstrobe - Pins and needles

Myself and They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them mastered Twitch's remix of ITS TIME yesterday entitled ITS TIME An Optimo Espacio Remix. Its out in a few weeks as the first release on the label and is rather marvellous. A proper good twenty five to six tune.

It might be up on They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them's Myspace page if you can't wait....

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