Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm obsessed with the soundtrack to The Fountain this past week. Mogwai and The Kronos Quartet collaborations and some truly stunning stuff on there - it was a shame the film got royally panned when it came out when it was in fact a really beautiful film. But this is the UK and we'd much rather consume rubbish than deal with anything of real substance.

Here's the track Death Is The Road To Awe from the soundtrack.

I'm also loving the new Lindstrom & Solade stuff - Lets Practice is out today on vinyl (and apparently Todd Terje has done a remix - not sure if thats true or if and when its coming out) but they have also covered the Vangelis - Demis Roussos collaboration from Earth LET IT HAPPEN which will be the exclusive track on the forthcoming LATE NIGHT TALES on Azuli. It'll be released as a tasty little 7" at some point in a few months - but if you can't wait you can listen to it on their myspace page.

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