Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm DJing this Friday at the Modular Weekly event in Shoreditch as part of the upstairs area hosted by the friendly FACT Magazine. I'll be playing sometime between 11pm and 3am, not sure when, but if you're in the area pop down to hear me playing the usual mixture of Thisisnotanexit endorsed good stuff.

Modular Weekly @ Ditch Bar
Shoreditch High Street
Friday 18th May
2100 - 0300

Upstairs hosted by FACT Magazine:
Simon A. Carr (Thisisnotanexit Records)
Baseball Furies

Feadz (Ed Banger)
Nadia Ksaiba (Our Disco)

£5 in all night

Track of the weekend: Studio - West Side (Brennan Green Remix) - not sure if its getting a proper release but this little white label sneaked out on Friday. Hot summer disco action from the man Brennan Green (whose remix of Andrew Allsgood on Truffle is also super hot!).

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