Friday, September 12, 2008

Lack of blogging recently as I've been so dam busy. But we have been working very hard on promoing the new They Came From The Stars I Saw Them release MOON SONG and its various remixes. You can check a couple out here:
And here:

There's a nice review of Detachments Fear No Fear on Resident Advisor this week. Check it. And if you've got a Resident Advisor log on then add the DETACHMENTS as a favourite yeah.

I also found out this week that The End closes its doors at the end of the year! Probably my favourite club in London having been to Trash as a young scamp when I first moved to London to more recently Carl Craig blazing his way through the main room. This is sad.

You run one of the coolest record labels in the world - the disco heads over at DJH go crazy whenever a new 12" comes out - and so what do you do after there was a few disappointed people with the last Godsy set of 12"s? You press 50 and charge £19.99 a record!!

Godsy - Nectar Of Rubies

Godsy - Trickling Core
This is madness!!!!!
If you live near Chelmsford then Detachments are playing at The Bar House tonight. If you're in the area go check it out. More details at Detachments myspace page.
This weekends soundtrack comes from:
Stereo Image - Stereo Image LP
Ape Into Jam - Recession (Demo)
Crystal Castles LP
Baris K - Show You Love
Naum Gabo - Black Labs
Diamond Vampires - Everything on their myspace page
The Dompteur Mooner edits of Conrad Schnitzler
Parallels - Everything on his myspace page
Swag - Musicbox (Pavel Plastikk Hypnofox)
High Places - From Stardust To Sentience
The new Gang Gang Dance album
The Isolators - Concentrate On Us
And no doubt some Kate Bush
I might go to ESP in Bethnal Green tomorrow as Nathan Gregory Wilkins is DJing. Or I may well stay in bed and watch Twin Peaks. Who knows.
Big up Mofoinbalaclava.

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