Friday, February 06, 2009

Week Five: The Essential Purchase
This week I am so busy I'm not sure I have time to figure out what to buy. This is what is on my consideration list this weekend:

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Sideshow - If Alone (Chateau Flight Remixes / Appleblim & Kozmonazmuk Remix) (Aus) 12"
The Appleblim & Kozmonazmuk Remix has been getting some major support - and backed up with two Chateau Flight Remixes this looks like good value for money!
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Cage & Aviary - Television Train (DFA) 12"
For those that didn't get Television Train when it came out on Dissident a while back then snap this up without fail. One of the best things to come out on Dissident and now comes with new track Suburban. I may well buy Suburban on an mp3 though seeing as I've already got Television Train though.

Speaking of Dissident the new 12" from The Niallist is also on my list. Previews over at the myspace page.

I think that's it. I might also buy The Village Orchestra 12" with the 2562 remix but need to properly check that out. Or maybe I'll just listen to some Ministry all weekend.

I'll be checking all these out this weekend. I'll write some more interesting things soon - honest.

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