Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Essential Purchase returns!

Apologies for the lack of the regular weekly purchase column but I've been so dam busy the past few weeks. It doesn't mean I've not bought a few bits and pieces though. So straight into what I recommend you check out from the past few weeks....

Essential Purchase week 21

BV Dub - To Live (Smallfish) 3" cd

Brock Van Wey has featured on the thisisnotanexit blog before for a previous release on Millions Of Moments of which I spoke about the depth of emotion BV Dub brings to his music. He himself calls his music "sadness, idealistic, daydreams, regret, thought, hope, life". Indeed his music is the type that won't have the hands in the air and the masses screaming for one more. This is music with heart and soul. The stuff you save for staring out of the window on a train journey, on the night bus home, over a coffee on your own as it rains know what I mean. Anyways this was released on 100 x 3" cds and sold out within about 5 seconds. Due to the gushing praise for the release (and by god it is an amazing 20 minute journey) Smallfish have pressed some more. Go get. It's like £5.99 and your music money should be for people like BV Dub and not to those careerists on the majors.

You can also download a whole load of BV Dub mixes from his website. All worth checking.There's 10 of them so that's about 10 hours of free music. Get to it.

And some kind soul has uploaded the 2 parts of 'To Live' to Youtube if you want to experience it before you buy.

Essential Purchase week 22

Optimo presents...In Order To Edit

Next week I'm going to Optimo for the first proper time (I'm not counting the time I DJed there as that's not really 'going to optimo'). Anyways I cannot wait to experience the full optimo effect in the subbie. As you all know I'm such an Optimo obsessive Twitch and Wilkes could fart over a drum loop and I'd probably buy it. Probably. Anyways this is the new selection from JD Twitch who got access to the full R&S catalogue and put together a special mix cd. It's bloody brilliant. Go and buy it and dance round your bedroom to this. It beats most techno being produced these days that's for sure.

Essential Purchase week 23

Black Meteroic Star - World Eater / Death Tunnel (DFA) 12" / Black Meteoric Star CD

Speaking of techno go and buy this. Just do it. It's by Gavin Russom one half of Black Leotard Front (remember Casual Friday?) and it's just absolutely immense. DFA have been really clever and put all the tracks together in shortened form on a cd and all the extended versions on 12"s so if like me you love this stuff you'll buy both the cd AND the 12" for the extended mixes. Massive trippy speaker blowing house music. Do it do it do it.

And check his mix of German band Palms too. Like wow.

The man builds his own synths for christsakes! None of this 'i'll get my ableton soft synth out' he's a bloody genius.

Essential Purchase week 24

Black Meteoric Star - Dominatron / Anthem (DFA) 12"

Yep. And Mr. Black Meteoric Star will again be the purchase of the week. And the week after too when the final of the three 12"s gets released!

This weekend I am back in my home town of York. Upon my arrival my parents gave me a load of records they had managed to save from being thrown in the bin. I was unsure of what might be in there and the quality but I got VERY VERY lucky!!

Here's what I got:

The Stooges - The Stooges LP
U2 - Boy LP
Sonic Youth - Bad Moon Rising LP
Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation LP
U2 - 3D Dance Mixes Promo 12"
The Sisters Of Mercy - Body And Soul 12"
The Sisters Of Mercy - Alice 12"

All in exceptional condition. They'd been kept in a shed so the sleeves are a little worn but the records look hardly played. Awesome!

Finally here's a little treat for you. Here's the acoustic version of The Flowers That Fell that Sebastien recorded for the Diesel Radio Show I did a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy.

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